David Heyman Making Paddington Bear Movie

Break out the marmalade and wellington boots!

by | September 14, 2007 | Comments

It’s surely a long way from Darkest Peru to Hollywood, but Paddington Bear has completed the journey — and just in time for his 40th birthday.

Variety reports that producer David Heyman (most recently known for his work on the Harry Potter films) is teaming up with Warner Bros. to bring Michael Bond’s classic children’s books to the screen. Hamish McColl (Mr. Bean’s Holiday) is writing the script, which will “draw inspiration from” all 11 books in the series. Heyman is quoted as saying:

“Paddington Bear is a universally loved character, and I have wanted to bring him to screen for some years. Michael Bond’s ‘Paddington’ books have such wit, wonder and charm. Essentially, Paddington’s story is that of an immigrant arriving in London and trying to find a home and a family. Above all, I love Paddington’s unique style of comedy.”

The article speculates that the film is “likely to be live action with a CGI bear.”

For those somehow unfamiliar with Bond’s creation, the Variety article sums up the books thusly:

Paddington has journeyed from Darkest Peru, wearing a duffle coat, hat and Wellington boots, carrying a suitcase containing an empty jar of marmalade and wearing a label around his neck that reads “Please look after this bear, thank you.”

Looks like a good one for the kids!

Source: Variety