Comic-Con 2006: Snakes on a Plane 10-min Clip Shown

by | July 22, 2006 | Comments

A ten minutes clip of the movie was shown, with director David R. Ellis, Samuel L. Jackson, and snake handler Jules Sylvester on hand afterward to Q&A. The clip is as bad-assed as one can expect from a picture like this. And IGN FilmForce has the whole panel on video, for your viewing pleasure!

One of the perks of going to conventions like Comic-Con is that attendees get to see clips of movies before they are shown anywhere else. Today, those lucky enough to get into Hall H for the New Line presentation is treated to a ten minutes clip of cult phenomenon "Snakes on a Plane."

The clip begins by showing us a plane flying in a storm. Rain. Thunder. Vicious winds. The movie cuts to a flight attendant named Claire (Rachel Blanchard) who bursts into the cockpit only to discover the pilots are missing. She notices the panels to the crawlspace underneath the cockpit were thrown open. She steps closer to take a look. Bad idea. A snake below makes a lunge for her.

We are then shown the cabin area where snakes are going on a rampage, attacking defenseless passengers. When a man is bitten in the chest area, we see Samuel L. Jackson comes over, grabs the snake and slams it into the floor. He then used a taser on a couple of snakes.

One passenger gets bitten in the buttocks. This causes his companion to quip, "You got a snake on yo’ ass."

We then see Claire with axe in hand and forcefully take out a snake blocking her path. Samuel J meets up with Claire and asks her to help him pilot the plane. The scene shifts back to the cabin area where snakes continue to terrorize and kill the passengers. We see food carts rolling through the aisles and other mayhems.

When a group of passengers try to move to the upper level, they encounter a huge anaconda which promptly constricts one of them to death when the railing on the stairs gave way and the people fall to the waiting serpent below.

Meanwhile, we see Samuel J and Claire save the plane from hitting the ocean with only moments to spare.

Samuel J volunteers to go down to the lower level to turn on the power generator. Told Claire over the walkie-talkie that he thought the snakes were released by someone because of the way some of the doors were damaged. When he got to the generator, he discovered the lever was stuck. Some snakes showed up and Sam let them have it by roasting them with a flame torch.

After that little problem is taken care of, he continued to look for a way to move that stuck lever. He finds a harpoon gun and a knife in a locker nearby. The knife, he slips in the back of his pants. The harpoon gun, he uses it as a hammer to knock the lever loose. It worked, but he’s not in the clear yet. Another snake shows up to take Sam down. He nails the snake to the wall with the harpoon gun. The screen then fades to a graphic with the movie’s release date.


If you couldn’t make it to Comic-Con for the "Snakes On A Plane" footage, the live snakes, and the Samuel L. Jackson, you’re in luck! Our friends over at IGN FilmForce scored a video of the whole "Snakes" panelcheck it out here!

Author: Binh Ngo