Poll: Captain America Vs. Iron Man: Which Side Are You On?

by | April 1, 2016 | Comments

In anticipation of Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s next chapter, coming to theaters this summer, we ask you: Who would you side with in this epic battle? Are you #TeamIronMan or #TeamCap? Place your vote below.

Captain America: Civil War opens in theaters May 6.

  • SnidgetAsphodel

    You know… as staunch an Iron Man fan as I happen to be, I’ve gotta go with the good Cap on this one.

    • Mohammed Ali Fazal

      Because it’s a Cap movie? What if Cap is wrong this time?

      • Ahmad Saifullah Shamshul

        it’s not about that really.. would you really sacrifice your freedom for more security? we all know how CIA keep trying to hide all of their mistakes and even with great security.. there is always a hole for a mistake. there are no certainty in this both matter. but like cap said, we dont give up.

        • Mohammed Ali Fazal

          You actually got me thinking there. You’re right. Captain hardly compromises with his ideals. But, he does have a soft spot. Bucky.

          I am not sure if he can still be that perfect Cap. He’s superhuman but it’s only because he was more human. And humans do make mistakes.

          • Ahmad Saifullah Shamshul

            And bucky is innocent. But to the people view, he is an assassin. He was being brainwashed by hydra, i think cap is trying to prove bucky innocence, he does it because both of em would help each other if they got in trouble growing up as I quote ‘Im with you till the end of the line’ it just show how deep their relationship is.. cap had nothing, he lost both of his parents during ww2. It’s that not enough, if you had a bestfriend that was force to do something against his own will would you stay with him or would you let him suffer? I don’t care what the world think, if you do something for the sake of the truth. YOU DO IT

          • Mohammed Ali Fazal

            I am convinced. But, Iron Man. 😛

          • Airyl

            Yes, he’s totally gay for Bucky.

        • Airyl

          Sacrifice freedom for more security? Depends. I’ll be honest, a completely free country would be the worst type of country to live in, but a country with no freedom would be horrible place to live in.

          • Grim Fees

            “Is anything as lovely to me
            as the truth in love
            i’ll take it over freedom any day”

            -David Eugene Edwards

      • Mack Doggs

        Cap is never wrong.

      • SnidgetAsphodel

        Because Cap is selfless and wholly true to himself and his word. Meanwhile, Stark has questionable morality and judgement. Don’t get me wrong; I’m a huge Stark fan. I find him hilarious and witty as hell and quite a joy to watch. I was a Stark fan long before I was a Cap fan. But when we’re talking wrong vs right – as grey an area as that may be and as hopeful I am they will keep it such – Cap wins my vote.

        • Mohammed Ali Fazal

          I agree but we have Bucky here. Cap’s dear old friend. From the trailers, don’t you think Cap is being a bit selfish this time?

          I love them both. But, I like Stark more. Cap is so captivating and I might even change sides later. But, I want to go with Stark this time. And I wonder if Cap can go wrong this time?
          He does have superhuman strength but he’s still as human as any of us.

          • Ahmad Saifullah Shamshul

            Just think the idea of super serum that dr erskine use. Why did cap was chosen istead of hodge? Hodge was bully, arrogant, cocky soldier. We saw rogers try to cover a dummy grenade right. He didn’t have any chance to prove his worth. But despite lacking physical attributes, but he had all the thing a leader needs. Good become great, bad become worse. That’s why red skull got fucked up evil. Now imagine tony got injected by the superserum. Hence all the ego and recklessness he had would be terrible. That’s why ultron cant tell a difference between saving the world or destroying it, because he saw everything tony stark did in the past and present. Hell he even heard iron man argue with dr banner.

          • Mohammed Ali Fazal

            God! You’re too convincing. I might go with Cap. now.

          • ultrontrain

            Interesting points there. Also, good call on Ultron. Ultron is basically a manifestation of Stark’s arrogance and paranoia unleashed upon the world without restraint and without any of Stark’s redeeming qualities.

          • axsd

            WHATEVER side you choose, here or elsewhere, please base your decision on something other than how “captivating” someone is. Never has there been a better way to choose the wrong side — of anything.

      • Steven321123

        It’s pretty much an allegory of concentration camps during WWII. So….

      • William Troy Luttrell

        he is wrong I chose ironman

    • Psycold

      I love both characters but in terms of how things have played out in the films, I agree that Cap is on the right side of things. Stark has always has a propensity for violence, while Rogers only uses it as a last resort. Stark has always been selfish and used to sell weapons that killed thousands of innocent people, Rogers has been nothing but selfless. Also just on a purely enjoyable film level, Captain America doesn’t have nearly as many annoying quips, and isn’t always trying to one-up everyone which Stark does constantly which can become annoying. Captain America is the embodiment of what great Americans strive for…he represents the American people better than anyone. Iron Man is the embodiment of capitalism and technology.

      • Toussant Foster

        Ironically, there is something right wing about portraying Captain America as a morally pure super hero dressed in the red, white and blue. Patriotism by nature seems right wing so I have trouble swallowing Cap as the embodiment of progressive thought. We are supposed to accept him as the liberal and Iron Man as being the neo-conservative in the wrong. The depiction of Tony Stark as a fascist has always bothered Iron Man comic book fans. Tony Stark is a far more popular character and has more psychological depth than the one dimensional Steve Rogers. Many comic book fans were never pleased with the Civil War storyline even back when it appeared in the comic book.

        • s1rude

          The best (and I’d say the majority) of Cap comics depict him as embodying American ideals of equality and opportunity more than jingoistic adherence to the U.S. government – which is why every few years he’s at odds with his handlers or outright disavowed by the political machine. If anything, Steve Rogers is a libertarian in the truest sense of the term – that and his experience with being forced into roles he doesn’t agree with are the reasons he’s anti-registration. I’ve not loved the depiction of Tony Stark as pro-authoritarianism, but the comics have done a decent job emphasizing that his being a “futurist” leads him to believe the world will be safer with controls in place. I think they’ve sacrificed character for plot there, but it’s not completely unrealistic that a corporate CEO with substance abuse issues would think he knows what’s best for everyone else.

          • Kilgrave

            You could say he “fights for truth and justice…the American way.”

        • bill miller

          You telling me left wings aren’t patriotic???????
          Cap isn’t a liberal. That value he portrays is not liberal nor right wing, where are you from????

          • Kristopher Bras

            Exactly. If anything, he’s portraying a libertarian in civil war lol.

          • Toussant Foster

            There is a big difference between liberal and libertarian. Libertarian means right wing in the classical sense.

          • Kristopher Bras

            1. I realize this.
            2. No it doesn’t.

          • Ingsoc

            Cap is a libertarian. Every time it comes down to it he’s about individual choice and is in opposition to authoritarian institutions. He is the embodiment of what America was supposed to be, not the empty shell and trappings covering something more sinister.

        • Bryan Ford

          I think Cap is coming across more like a Libertarian than a liberal or progressive. Think Rand Paul and how he argues that more liberty and freedom and less government intervention is better for the people.

          • Toussant Foster

            OK, I would buy that. It’s actually the best argument I’ve heard yet. Cap could well fit into the Ron Paul wing of the Republican party. In contrast to him, I see Tony Stark as a moderate Republican.

        • Tom Pann

          Cap is a Libertarian. Liberty is his primary value, not equality.

          • Toussant Foster

            Yeah, I take your point as I did Bryan Ford’s. Most superheroes could be classified as right wing. But wouldn’t you agree that some are more so than others? Look at the Punisher’s obsession with the death penalty.

        • Snoggler

          As an non american, I don’t find Cap particularly patriotic? he doesn’t say he fights for the greatness of america, he fights for freedom and liberty, they’re universal aspirations. I thought he would be a vomit inducing cheesefest of all american cliche, but he’s not.

          • Ingsoc

            It’s also why he’s ended up my favorite. Winter Soldier was a great commentary on the world we find ourselves living in.

          • Toussant Foster

            He seems patriotic to me.

        • Fabrisse

          Cap grew up during the Great Depression. He’s in favor of unions, or at least was back in the day. I’d put him on the liberal side.

          • Grim Fees

            He’s a populist. He is not liberal or conservative, per se.

        • Joel Drake

          The thing is, Cap isn’t meant to represent either right wing or left wing idealogies. Cap was and is supposed to represent the ideals that this country was founded on, mainly classical liberalism (which, in this day, is now called libertarianism).

        • LarryNC

          I know that you are trying to come across as some kind of intellectual, but you appear to be more of an effete snob. Just my honest opinion.

          • Toussant Foster

            And this opinion is especially valuable to me coming from someone so boorish in manners that he insults people he disagrees with (sarcasm).

          • LarryNC

            Thank you for making my point.

        • Ingsoc

          But many were. There is nothing “right wing” about cap and his storyline unless you’re cornering Hydra and the totalitarian super state for the left.

        • Fundamental

          Cap was created in a different era. He represents the ideals of FDR and the New Deal. He’s not some fear mongering, violence loving “patriot” like we see in the modern era.

        • its whats best about the comic and maybe the movie, to see the capt as you said the embodiment of the patriotism side against the goverment and stop being a boy scout, i really hope they get this right on the movie as the comic book was great

          • Toussant Foster

            I will settle for it being better than the awful Batman vs Superman film.

        • Diortem. RIP, Samus.

          Cap is conservative… and right. You think “progressive” means correct. That’s hilarious.

      • Toussant Foster

        Arguably Captain America and the red, white and blue costume can also be the embodiment of American imperialism. It all depends on how you look at it.

        • bill miller

          What a ridiculous thing to say!?!?!?!

          • Toussant Foster

            Dude, why do you think protesting university students burn American flags in Egypt or Venazuela or China? Do you think such people would believe a Captain America costume modeled on the American flag symbolizes freedom? Try to think beyond your own cultural values.

          • Common Sense

            LOL, hilarious that you actually try and back up your opinion by pointing to brainwashed individuals in another country that have no clue what they are supposedly against. Egypt? Really, have you seen the news at how that messed up that part of world is? And they blame America? Wow! Venezuela? Really? South America as a whole, is one gigantic slum and obviously its America’s fault? LOL! And lastly, China? You really went there in trying to justify your opinion? China, a still communistic country, where the person is just a number…literally. But they burn our flag and somehow that means America is imperialistic? LOL!

        • Snoggler

          you know who else have red white blue in their flags? UK, France, Holland, Australia, Luxemberg, Norway,

          • Russia has the same colors. Also the confederate flag looks similar to the scottish one, you know, both being oppressed by their leaders and fighting for independence.
            On second thought, it’s definitely not the same (btw, i brought up the similarty only to show that we should hastily not jump to conclusions like one i’m going to make). Most people around the world think of the US if you say red, white and blue, it doesn’t matter that it isn’t always true. Just like if you say red they may think of China or the former USSR. Hardly anyone thinks of Canada or the (some would say progressive) country of Turkey.

          • Toussant Foster

            True. But you know what I meant. I don’t think radicals burn Norwegian flags in foreign countries. But they do burn American ones.

          • Snoggler

            I’m just saying they’re very common colors in flags, as a non american, I don’t associate them to america cos they’re used by other countries. Not everything have to be about US you know…..

          • Common Sense

            Ah, there might be some hint of intelligence…you typed radicals. KEY term/hint – RADICAL!

        • DT wxrisk

          It’s pretty obvious you’re dangerously stupid person. In the previous movie Captain Amwrica Winter Soldier the government of the United States wanted to in place these large flying killing machines with Advanced Weaponry that would be flying across the skies of the US in order to protect the US from well whenever … Captain America character refsed to go along with it and called it fear not freedom. The last thing that the Captain America character is… Is imperialistic

          • Toussant Foster

            “dangerously stupid person”

            Dangerously? Um…you don’t sound like you are above the age of puberty. At least not much above it. Do your parents know you spend so much time on the internet? Shouldn’t you be concentrating on your homework assignments?

          • jagmarky

            Ha! You’re hit with a good argument and you do nothing but spew senseless gibberish. Way to fold under pressure!

          • Toussant Foster

            This is just a little adult advice to you (but it could apply to any troll). Get outside and interact with others. Forget the Internet and forget make believe superheroes. Mix with real people and try to meet women if you can. Work on your social skills. Go on dates if it is possible. But don’t stay at home and get riled up on the Internet. Exchanging insults with strangers over fictional superheroes? Do you really want to do that? Is that your life? I will not reply to any further posts from you (or any trolls) unless it is an intelligent exchange of opinion like I enjoy with other people on this thread. If you aren’t able to manage that, you aren’t worthy of a reply.

          • Common Sense

            LOL another hilarious comment. Please tell us what, if any, or in any one of your posts did you show any intelligence?

          • Toussant Foster

            This is just a little adult advice to you (but it could apply to any troll). Get outside and interact with others. Forget the Internet and forget make believe superheroes. Mix with real people and try to meet women if you can. Work on your social skills. Go on dates if it is possible. But don’t stay at home and get riled up on the Internet. Exchanging insults with strangers over fictional superheroes? Do you really want to do that? Is that your life? I will not reply to any further posts from you (or any trolls) unless it is an intelligent exchange of opinion like I enjoy with other people on this thread. If you aren’t able to manage that, you aren’t worthy of a reply.

        • Brandon Quiroga

          Please stop speaking out of your bottom, sir.

        • SonOfSparda

          Truth hurts. You can say these people just butthurt in this case.

      • Gabriel

        Your comment made me laugh. Americans never were and never tried to be any of that, just to convince the world they are. Justin Bieber, Donald Trump and Eric Cartman would be better representatives of the American people.

        • j l l k Price

          Sadly, Bieber is Canadian.

          • Only if you’re canadian also…

          • Gabriel

            And Hitler was austrian, my point is still valid.

        • Toussant Foster

          You do realize that saying Trump is representative of America is like saying Goebbils was representive of Germany. That is a pretty broad generalization.

      • Airyl

        But he’s not overweight. And doesn’t eat cheeseburgers 3 times a day. And he’s not holding a gun. And he doesn’t ride a Walmart scooter.

      • Ingsoc

        No, stark is the embodiment of corporatism and authoritarianism. Not capitalism.

      • Fundamental

        Cap is representative of FDR era America.

      • Logan Emmert

        I am actually not a fan of Iron Man much at all, BUT, I do believe he is on the correct side of the real debate in this movie. You totally got the character traits right for both Cap and Stark right, but Iron Man has progressed further than Captain America so far. During Age of Ultron, Iron Man believes he should be the ultimate arbiter on what is needed to keep the world safe. After he creates Ultron and everything goes wrong, he realizes that there have to be checks and balances, and that no one man should have all the say in a matter. In this movie (at least in the previews) it appears that Cap is starting to think just like Stark from the beginning of AOU. Iron Man notices this and is trying to convince Cap that he is only going to make things worse. For the first time ever, Tony Stark has actually learned from a mistake and is trying to prevent his friend from making the same one. There’s my two cents 🙂

      • Laila Khent

        Dont base it on Stark’s personality in the past. Stark has changed immensely, if you hadnt noticed.

        This is a month late, but having watched Civil War just recently, I think Stark has for once been selfless in this movie, while captain America acted in a rash manner.

        For once Stark didnt have that propensity for violence and wanted to even put cap on the superhuman powers that seem to be terrifying in the eyes of the public, by agreeing with the UN accords.

        In fact it was Captain America who went so far as to cause his own team members to fight while Stark tried to pull his punches and go easy on him, and give a chance to reflect.

        Stark learned from his mistakes in the past and this time, thought about the unity of the members and the public’s rising terror of superhumans, while Rogers didnt even think about the opinions of his team members and just had to go about his own ‘idealism’.

        Stark wasnt even completely opposing Rogers. He merely wanted to take in the options instead of fighting head on like they used to, but which only negative public feedback.

        Rogers literally sacrificed his other friends’ lives by fighting them for his one friend Bucky, and all that for NOTHING, because instead of finding and fighting mind-controlled Winter Soldiers as he had expected, it was just a whole set-up for him to fight Stark.

        If he had just considered one moment, and acted to create a strategy together, then they wouldnt have fell for that trap in the first place, and less people would have been injured in the long run.

        Stark was dumb in the past, but here, in Civil War, it looks like he for once made a wise decision.

        P.S. Your comment is only focusing on Stark’s personality and not his actions. This means that whatever Stark decided to do, (like if he was in Rogers place) you would still go against him for the reason that he has a “propensity of violence and inclination to money, being annoying” etc.

        Dont base it on his annoying qualities, because his actions spoke louder than his usual sarcastic and arrogant words this time.

    • Anant Kaul


  • World’s Finest Comments

    Not only is Cap’s philosophy in Civil War right, he’s also a better a character in terms of his arc developing across multiple decades in both comics and film. He’s just a more consistently written character.

    • James Bender

      Agreed. Also, I agree with Cap’s view point about not ignoring things when they go south.
      He’s still a very responsible individual who wants to do the best job he can without waiting for a government official taking off his leash to act.

      • HurricaneJedi

        He is a little sanctimonious though. What Tony is saying is that they as super hero’s they should be regulated and monitored. I mean these are men/women who if they decided they wanted to could destroy an entire city. I don’t think it is a draconian measure to want to put restrictions on them. Soldiers are held accountable in war for their actions, they have reports to fill in and are monitored via satellite. Just trying to balance the scales a little. I am surprised how much Cap is beating Iron man

        • Steve

          That really worked out well for the ‘Watchmen’ did’nt it ? Unmasking and ‘monitoring’ led to Ozymandas pulling his little scheme which resulted in the deaths of ‘Comedian’ and ‘Rorshach’, and in ‘Dr. Manhattan’ deciding to leave earth to it’s own fate…

          • HurricaneJedi

            Comparing avengers to watchmen though is a little different. Those dudes you referenced were quite crazy. They are already unmasked as well? Everyone knows who they are in the MCU

          • Steve

            No question about it, each of the Watchmen’s sanity was hanging on by a thread, but that’s why that movie ‘grew’ on me, as time went by. I positively HATED it, the 1st time I saw it, but then it dawned on me. They were HUMAN, and that’s what we have’nt seen too much of, prior to the Nolan Bat-Trilogy.

          • HurricaneJedi

            Yeh, I thought the movie was ok but as I have watched it more it has really grown on me. So out of interest you clearly are on the side of cap which is cool, Do you think people with powers need no oversight at all? In the comics they need to register and that is what the catalyst for the fight is. TBH, I think at least registering would be a minimum, so we know what powers they have and maybe their dna on file so if they do murder people etc they could be caught? I dunno, I don’t want people to have a leash or anything but as the old saying goes “Absolute power corrupts, absolutely.”

          • Maventii

            I hate to tell you this, but “Watchmen” is fictional.

          • Steve

            uh yeah…I kinda got the gist of that ?

          • The thing about Watchmen though is that, Dr. Manhattan aside, they are just a bunch of costumed crimefighters with zero superpowers or anything like that. The Avengers have actual superpowers(most of them, anyway) and/or supertechnology that basically mimics superpowers(Iron Man, War Machine, Falcon & Black Panther). So the Avengers are already burdened with the weight of having more abilities and thus more of a responsibility to the world than the Watchmen ever did. The Watchmen were just nutty bozo’s who got their rocks off dressing up and playing at being vigilantes. So I’d say that’s a pretty sizable difference. When you have several members who are capable of some serious mass destruction all by themselves then oversight becomes more important. By comparison in the Watchmen’s universe it was just a fad amongst disturbed ordinary people that got out of hand and needed to be quashed.

          • HurricaneJedi

            I agree, glad someone is on my team! haha.

          • Steve

            Night Owl didnt have tech enhanced skills ?

          • What he had was basically a flying arsenal and yes, while that allowed him to be more formidable than he would have been without it, it’s not like that in and of itself would have so seriously elevated his status beyond the common person that the government couldn’t easily take him out if they chose to any more than a guy with a stolen fighter jet would be a problem for them to deal with. Compare that with say, Iron Man’s armor…which basically turns an ordinary human being into a de-facto Titan. The two aren’t really comparable.

        • James Bender

          I disagree about the sanctimonious part. At his heart Steve has the admirable qualities of a true champion. It’s not that he’s better than other soldiers in the case of accountability for their actions, he just emanates with the traits better than a General but still respects the rank and those who risk their lives to protect those who can’t. Who wouldn’t want a guy like that on their side? He’s a Hero who cares and defends the innocent to best of his ability making him rightly praiseworthy. Besides, if a hero like Cap was to be “put in check” it would have to be on a respectable and mutual level. You just don’t put a leash on Cap or put him in a glass case that says “break glass in case nothing else works”

          • HurricaneJedi

            Yeh, good points. Steve coming from the 40’s though when the world was very different makes him have a different point of view. I think because he is from then, that is why he is such a good solider and loyal. I don’t deny he is a great soldier and someone you want on your team.

            I guess what I am saying when I say he is a little sanctimonious is that he does not see the bigger picture sometimes and is not very flexible. He sees his view as correct and does not really budge. I may have been a bit harsh, but even from age of ultron where he calls out Tony for swearing. ps, this took me so long to type as I was having a sneezing fit. haha. I did enjoy your comment though, well reasoned. I do feel alone in my thoughts that superheroes should be registered or have some oversight. The main flaw a lot have pointed out is how it would be run and governed and how would we stop it from being corrupt. The answer is simple, I have no idea. It would be an interesting experiment or activity to do. Get a bunch of people in a room for a week or so and brainstorm

          • James Bender

            From what I can tell from Cap’s reaction to the video footage of their activities in the preview, it looks like he may be learning a new perspective beyond the “tackling the problem that’s in front of me”. I’m guessing Cap’s idea of a job well done is stopping the bad guy, saving lives from a catastrophe, and then recovering after the fight. I never really got the feeling he thought about the aftermath but I could be wrong. I do get the feeling he isn’t really the “big picture” type because he is a soldier, Super Soldier more precisely, and he will be learning a hard lesson that will conflict with his 1940’s sensibilities.

            However, even with Tony’s “good intentions” but not really expecting the results there after, Ultron was his and Banner’s responsibility that caused a big mess that I have to agree with Cap they should not have attempted. Cap’s more of a reactionary front line type and it looks like that part of him is going to change in Civil War and the upcoming films. Hopefully for the better.

        • BlackAdamForPresident

          Putting the meta-humans under the direct control of a supervising agency sound like a reasonable idea on the surface, but what happens when the people in control of that agency have their own axes to grind? This plan will now give them access to and command of power they normally wouldn’t have. In the Civil War story line in the comics, all superpowered people had to register with the government and were placed under the supervision of Tony Stark, who was acting as the director of S.H.I.E.LD. Fine and dandy. But afterwards, Tony Stark was replaced by Norman Osborn (aka the Green Goblin) What happened after that? A less-than-benevolent reign of terror that was carefully crafted in the FoxNews-like media to look like a golden age of safety and security. It mirrored the days of the Patriot Act by asking the question “How much freedom are you willing to give away in the cause of safety?” If you want 100% freedom, then follow the Constitution, but accept the fact that you will not be 100% safe. If you want 100% safety, then go to solitary confinement in a super-max prison. You’ll be completely safe, but with no freedoms whatsoever.

          • HurricaneJedi

            There are a lot of similarities with this story line with real world implications. I think at the very least superheroes having to register should be a given. They don’t need gps tracking etc but registering what their powers are gives humans some capacity to understand what they can do.

            I seem to be getting a lot of comments on this saying I am wrong but ok, let’s not monitor any one with powers and when crimes happen how do we know who did it? Are we equipped to find them? No.

            Registering who you are and what powers you have is hardly giving away your liberty, sure there will be a lot of benevolent heroes out there but unfortunately a lot of nefarious ones too. I get your point about balancing liberty with risk but there has to be something. Absolute power corrupts, Absolutely. I don’t think there needs to be absolute oversight but isn’t it naive to let these “gods” roam freely with impunity and pose such a massive threat?

            I don’t know the answer to the question of how it is set up and monitored, how you avoid corruption. These are great questions and really valid. All I am saying is if I had super powers then if I had to register saying what I an do etc I would not mind. But then where does it stop, at what point would I feel uncomfortable? These again are valid questions and this is quite the political quagmire haha. I did enjoy your comment though, well reasoned and you didn’t do the old internet troll…

          • Shea He

            I’m sure you’ve read Civil War right? You saw what happened to aunt May? Like most people, superheroes have families and people that they care about. Registration basically meant their info is out there for everyone to see and the government can breach their constitutional right of privacy (4th amendment) by keeping tabs on them 24/7. Sure, they can choose not to register and go into hiding. But if they see a mugger beating up a poor old lady, they’d have to turn a blind eye and not act as the heroes they were or risk getting caught by the pro Registration heroes. Those registered heroes can also be easily manipulated by crooked politicians into doing unethical acts. (e.g. Superman in Dark Knight Returns) Basically speaking, registration creates unlivable lives for many heroes.

            “All I am saying is if I had super powers then if I had to register saying what I an do etc I would not mind.” If that’s the case and if I’m your arch enemy, I’ll look up who your parents, siblings, kids are and string them up like a shish kabob and slow roast them over a fire. Then I’ll find out who your girlfriend/wife is and rape her while cutting her up into pieces. I’ll leave her in the refrigerator for you to find.

            Also, it’s not as if the gov has been held accountable for all their abuse of power. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis/middle easterners died as a result of Bush’s search for non-existent WMDs. Was the gov punished or held accountable for it? So should an unaccountable gov hold Supers accountable for their mistakes?

          • HurricaneJedi

            Yeh, I have read the comics and you make some great points. I had not thought about the impact to families because as you say going after someone’s family is villainy 101. I would like to think if I registered as a superhero then my information would be only kept by a certain department but people are easily manipulated and bribed etc so I imagine that information leaking would be inevitable.

            Tony Stark has been outed since day 1 and that has caused some issues for Pepper, but not every hero will be a billionaire with the arsenal he possess’s. It is a complex political quagmire for sure, I’ll flip it then and ask the question of “So we don’t register people with powers, how do we manage people with powers that are misusing their powers?”

            Btw, you were quite vivid with the explanation of what you will do to my gf/wife. haha.

            To your point saying “basically, registration causes un-liveable lives for heroes” is a little generic though and we don’t know what the exact outcome would be. I mean we are kept in the dark about special ops from seal teams etc now so there is some hope I guess. I will admit I was a little naive with some of my thinking but I don’t think just leaving superheroes alone to their own devices is the answer.

          • Shea He

            “So we don’t register people with powers, how do we manage people with powers that are misusing their powers?”
            Yes there is always that fine line between using powers for good or misusing them for evil. That’s the quagmire that the normal humans in the MU and DC universe have to deal with. They are pretty much powerless when it comes to the power struggles between good and evil mutants/meta humans/superpowered aliens, etc. They really don’t have a way of controlling someone 1000x more powerful than a normal human being without becoming a fascist militant society aimed at controlling these “gods”. But at the same time, giving into fear and compromising basic human rights for a false sense of “safety” is also a step backward IMO.
            No offense to your gf/wife. Just trying to get my point across.
            I can go into the “basically, registration causes unlivable lives for heroes” with a lot of examples but if you read Civil War, heroes who don’t want to be in the public eye were hunted down by the government/heroes/villains and forced to register or placed in to jail. Going into someone’s home in the middle of the night and bag and tag them, then shove them into cells without a fair trial is some gestapo/kgb sh*t to me.
            I’m not discounting that normal humans need to have some kind of defense against superpowered people but what they did in the Civil War was a no no.

          • HurricaneJedi

            haha, Don’t worry. I am single so my imaginary wife/gf can’t really be offended.

            I totally get what you are saying, but everyone has oversight no? The American president is the most powerful man on earth but he is still accountable. I just think there must be a way to have some kind of oversight without just leaving them to their own devices.

            I think the idea of midnight gestapo/ss raids on houses is an extreme exaggeration of my idea. I would not say that I am giving into fear, I think I am looking at this in a pragmatic way (of course, you are too) and I think you have some very valid points and this is what I love about discussion boards. I do enjoy banter and I like having differing points of view, I do agree what they did in Civil War was abhorred, I look forward to the movie because from what I have heard they present both sides really well and you should sway your opinion based on the information presented. To the point where if you don’t if you just being stubborn. haha, so I am looking forward to it no doubt. Comes out here May 4th

          • LarryNC

            This question always reminds of a quote that has been around forever…I think it might have been Benjamin Franklin who said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty for temporary safety deserve neither.”

            I vote for Captain America. And as far as the premise for this movie…when the government agent is listing the things that are the reasons why the Avengers should be controlled by the government, he mentions the attack on New York by beings from another world or dimension. That wasn’t the fault of the Avengers. And would the government have preferred that they just stood back, just watched and done nothing?

        • Pinkk

          They’re heroes, heroes who have fixed all the problems the government has made.

          Alien invansaion? Shield’s (the government) fault. Hydra? They were in Shield. Hulk takes out part of Harlem? Wouldn’t have happened if the government had just left Bruce alone.

          The only thing bad that’s happened that is any of the heroes fault is Ultron and on that, how does one plan on making an AI and expecting it to go evil? :p

        • Mack Doggs

          How can you trust the regulators? Who will watch the watchers?

          • HurricaneJedi

            Good point, they could have their own agenda for sure. Politics is complicated though. Great example to prove my point. Ultron. Tony himself created Ultron who killed a bunch of people and threatened the world.

    • His philosophy doesn’t make sense though. It only works from the reader/viewer’s POV as it maintains the status quo. But if we were to apply real world logic to this problem then why wouldn’t everyone be all for more accountability?

  • ReallyReallyBigMan

    You and the Cap’n make it happen!

  • drownedgod

    How about the third option: It doesn’t fucking matter because they’re all gonna be friends in the end anyway. Boring.

    • James Bender

      You’re watching heroes struggle over an issue of responsible power that we all should really be glad stays on the silver screen and not enter the real world. Why is that boring to you?

      • drownedgod

        You don’t understand why the pandering concept of “which side are you on” is boring, given the assumption that in the end there will be only one side and every hero will be friendly with every other hero? Rendering the entire struggle moot?

        • James Bender

          Okay skip the “which side are you on” part. It’s just window dressing for the sake of the brawl. What would unmoot the struggle? We’re talking heroes here. They’re really not supposed to fight each other but certain situations and subject matter tends to bring them to that point. They have different perspectives regarding what’s right and how to do things so it will cause conflict. Are you saying it would improve the story if they didn’t fight?

          • drownedgod

            No, I’m not saying the story is necessarily going to be bad. I am just saying that the “which side are you on” part is boring. The story will -probably- be bad, and the movie will -probably- suck, because that’s hollywood, but I think there’s definite potential if a good writer/director combination had a crack at it, along with a studio that had some balls.

          • James Bender

            It is true that balls should be a more working prerequisite in the creative factor for the writers and directors or at least the proper interpretation of source material. Have you seen the Civil War preview? how do you think it stacks up story wise to Age of Ultron?

          • Steve

            The underlying theme (running quietly beneath the ‘Which side are you on’ question) is the undying/rekindled friendship between Cap and Bucky. AOU had basically ONE theme going for it: ‘Advanced Technology gone totally out of control’. Period. Everything else was just a side-story.

          • Mack Doggs

            The story is great. Civil war was probably the best comic series of the past 15 years.

          • G.

            I’m seeing the movie in 5 days. I’ll prepare crow for you after that.

          • drownedgod

            We’ll see..

        • Steve

          They all WILL work together as a team eventually, but ego’s will be bruised, and feelings will be hurt as one, then two are killed (by Thanos) .and then when the death-toll rises…fragmentation will occur. One or two ‘lesser’ heroes might even tuck-tayl and run…and one or two will probably switch sides; Loki is a given…for sure…but no idea if it’s because of his own selfish needs, or if he’s still trying for a leadership-role back home…

        • BrannigansLaw

          Why do you bother watching any of the popular summer movies? After all, you always know that the good guys will win, right?

          • drownedgod

            As a matter of fact, I do not bother watching any of the popular summer movies, in part for that exact reason.

    • Steve

      Not so sure about that; I think most of them have each gone through thier own ‘with great power comes great responsibility-moment/realization’ and SOME have even been down the same path as (or ‘preceded’) Tony Starks ‘bomb-shell awakening’ that SOMETIMES it is’nt such a bad thing to put one’s ego aside and work together as a team, at least until the job is done/threat is neutralized. But to say that they’ll ALL be ‘friends’ ? Mmmmm-NOT so much. Keep in mind there’s still an uneasy-alliance between Hulk and Thor; the latter recognizes how effective and devastating the former can be (in battle) but me’thinks Dr. Banner/Hulk STILL does’nt quite ‘care’ to be around Thor all that much. And may God help Spidey if he decides to get mischevious with Hulk…lol. Would be interesting to see if ‘Infinity War’ brings in Wolverine his brother and Deadpool…I think that’d make for an interesting 3-way similar to what happened between Thor, Stark and Cap. That fight was freakin’ EPIC and fun to watch, but still can’t figure out how the material from a Star’s ‘singularity’ (Thor’s hammer) was UNABLE to dent Cap’s shield ? ? ? But I guess if Professor Xavier has the power to ‘re-assemble’ himself…then ANYTHING is possible in the DC/Marvel-universe…

    • TheSlamma

      Friends over their moms having the same first name? Now that would be “amazing” /Sarcasm

    • Maventii

      Actually, if they go off of the comic arc, they don’t “all end up friends.” Quite the opposite. Cap ends up dead, and Tony ends up Director of SHIELD.

      • drownedgod

        I’m aware. My post is partly a prediction: they fuck up the story and give it a much happier, casual-moviegoing-fan-friendly ending.

        • SnidgetAsphodel

          Except… you don’t know they will.

          • drownedgod

            Which is why I used the word “prediction”, genius.

    • sunnavab

      Never read the Civil War comic, huh?

      • drownedgod

        See below.

    • SuperCool

      As long as it’s not as bad as BvS.

    • Nap60

      And if they don’t make up at the end?

      • drownedgod

        Then I will have been wrong. However, if they fight together against a common enemy but still have hard feelings after defeating that enemy, I will consider myself to have been correct.

        • Mohammed Ali Fazal

          You’ll be correct then. And that’s probably what’s going to happen. After all, they make these movies with the primary purpose of earning money and still keep earning it not for the sake of art.

          But, I would still watch it cause I am a fan.

    • G.

      You must have missed the fact that Captain America gets killed at the end in the comic after he surrenders himself and is taken to prison. Not to mention there are huge divisions along the hero community after the fallout. All friends in the end? Probably not.

      • drownedgod

        We’ll see.

      • Mohammed Ali Fazal

        That was in the comics. Comics have bigger freedom than the movies. And they’re not following the same story, they’re just following the theme. I think you know that.

    • Kel

      Just like Batman vs Superman. It’d be interesting if people actually stayed at odds and some heroes were allowed to die.

      • drownedgod

        Yes! Thank you for being the first person in this thread who gets it.

  • vincent

    Team America (not World Police :p)

  • Emperor Zurg

    Cap has no profit motive…

    • Steve

      It’s not always about money, kiddo. Hopefully someday you’ll learn that.

      • Mack Doggs

        It is for multi billionaires.

        • Even assuming that’s true in real life (which I don’t), Stark being a fictional character, the writers can give him whatever motivation they want. If he’s supposed to feel guilty over Ultron and disillusioned about superheroes, then that’s his real motivation.

        • Steve

          tell that to Bill Gates next time you see him his reply may surprise you

        • mike

          So you’re telling me money is greater than freedom? Build a wall while you’re at it.

      • Flava Futha Muckin J

        When it involves billionaire weapons manufacturers, money is always what it’s about. In fact, I bet Tony is sick of bank rolling in the Avengers exploits and is why he wants “government oversight”.

        • Steve

          if anything tony probably just wants time off and enjoy Pepper a little more

          • Flava Futha Muckin J

            But Iron Man isn’t even envolved with the Avengers when sides are taken, I think Tony was recruited by Ross.

  • Nicholas Hylton

    Team Iron Man all the way, baby! Because I would get all those cool high-tech toys!

  • JUstinB

    Superman all the way! No, but really Captain America…he’s a conservative who wants limited government unlike liberal Iron Man.

    • SnidgetAsphodel

      Why do people drag bs politics into everything? jfc

      • James Bender

        Well to be honest I don’t think politics is entirely a dominant element in a superhero genre. However, a number of the story facets do manifest considerations of a political nature in this day and age. The Civil War script does address political view points but only as a minor means to see the heroes perspectives that unfortunately lead to an unnecessary conflict. But for the sake of the movie it is very cool to see some head-to-head skill set combat comparison. Kinda like a very heated sparing session.

      • JUstinB

        Because I like to see things from a realistic viewpoint, yes that can take the fun out of the movie, sorry about that.

    • You have it backwards. Cap’s a New Deal Democrat/liberal and Iron Man is the Republican/conservative. Always has been.

      • JUstinB

        CONSERVATIVE-holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics…(which is Cap being cautious to the reforms of the people who want to keep them checked. No need to argue though, it will be a fun movie.

        • TigerNightmare

          “I don’t like bullies.” Sounds like he’s talking about Republicans to me. Trying to regulate people’s personal lives and decisions, drawing congressional district lines that manufacture elections, even stifling the right to vote. That’s your big government. Tony Stark isn’t for any of those terrible things, but his desire to restrict and regulate is not nearly as far off as Cap’s desire for justice, fairness and protecting the innocent. Bucky was a mindless, brainwashed instrument of war. Now that he’s lucid, people want their pound of flesh for what he did under Hydra’s orders instead of understanding and helping him. Locking him up indefinitely, or more likely, killing him, is fascist. Cap has learned in Winter Soldier that those in power today can be corrupted and should be under more scrutiny before being trusted with life and death decisions in a major crisis. Ultron was Tony’s damn fault, he should just regulate himself and leave everyone else alone.

        • SpeedieJoe

          Neocons have very little to do with those supposed conservative ideals. Neocons are big into big military and interventionism. Libertarians hold more to the conservative ideals. But Iron Man is obviously no Libertarian.

    • SpeedieJoe

      That’s funny, I would peg Tony Stark as the conservative. He’s the big dollar defense contractor that wants the government hands in everything while claiming “small government”. While Cap is the liberal that doesn’t want the NSA sticking their nose up everybody’s butt.

  • Russell Mathias Furr


  • NameNamerson

    Damn yo I’m torn! This movie is going to hit right in the feels!

  • Damien T

    I choose neither side since I won’t be watching this movie. Just getting tired of the Avengers movies.

    • Then why are you even responding to this? Nobody here gives a ***k about what you’re tired of.

    • SuperCool

      This isn’t an Avengers movie. It’s a Cap movie. Cap2 was amazing.

      • Damien T

        It might as well be An Avengers movie since most of the Avengers are there. Umm, no Capt. 2 was not amazing. X-men Apocalypse is going to be Amazing! Deadpool was Amazing!

        • SuperCool

          TWS was incredible and owns any other Marvel movie and all Fox superhero movies.

          • Damien T

            If you say so. It was just another Marvel movie with a crappy villain.

          • The Fox X-Men franchise sucks. Always has. They couldn’t give 2 shits about their own continuity and forget it with their lame ass interpretations of all their characters. Enough with the leather fetishist look. Barf!

          • Damien T

            If you say so fruitcake. I think you should just stick with your lame Disney movies. Yeah, I barfed when I saw your ugly mom undress.

          • Damien T

            I barfed when I saw your mom. lmao.

        • MultiMcdude

          that is the kettle calling the pot black, xmen has been way over done more than any marvel feature. the trailer for the new xmen looks retarded. oh look another movie where the world faces extinction from forces unknown to the human race. how many times do we have to watch this crap.

          • Philip

            If I had powers not gained by government involvement and was out to do good which decision was not influenced by government involvement, I would not want to be registered or regulated. Governments have their own agenda and have the same human tendencies to be good or bad equal to any superhero. I chose to be a Superhero, I risk my life to help people and battle with bad guys and unlike the police and government officials don’t get paid or have a pension. So I’m on Captain Americas side.Why they keep chasing Hulk, when leaving him alone would have cause less damage to civilians. And how would the Government have fought aliens without that type of damage considering Iraq, Libya and Issis.

          • Damien T

            Apocalypse is one of the greatest villains the X-men has ever faced and a better story line than some stupid Civil War. Oh, your comment is pretty damn stupid. You just described Avengers 1 to a tee. Yeah, you say that you’re sick of the X-men but if it were to go back to Disney, then your little b…tch ….ss, would say it’s so awesome and can’t wait to see X-men. I’m sick of seeing Spider-man and this new kid sounds like a little girl. The outfit is horrible and this second spider-man reboot is going to fail more than Andrew Garfield. They should name him Spider-boy. Go back to sucking your mama’s milk. Later, loser.

  • Gotta go with Iron Man. Since when did being accountable become a bad thing?

    • BradleyAG

      Since when are people considered guilty until proven innocent?

    • Shea He

      Since when did people lose their constitutional right to privacy?

  • Angel Daniel Nunez

    what i love about this is that its not as black and white as some people are making it out to be. its not just simply about accountability its about having the power to save someone and acting on that and not being told you can’t for whatever the case may be.

  • Gallen Dugall

    If they present one side as a straw man argument like they did in the comics I’ll be on side “not watching this crap” although I am interested in seeing if they put that “river of truth” line in the movie. It’s a horrible line. It basically says that if you believe something to be true you should never question it. Just plant yourself next to the river of truth. Rivers move over time. Facts change.

  • Greg Griffin

    I don’t care about either of them. Both are corny.

  • jigsawtime

    tony stark has just become as stupid as some villains, always trying to destroy the world

  • Joshua Jossie

    Having Freedom is good and all, but it is also important to have security. If we all had free reign to do whatever we choose, The world would be complete choas. Therefore for its important to have security. That way we have a sense of order and a system we can conform to that provides a common setting for relations with fellow individuals. But if we have to much security that it impedes upon our ability to make choices in our day to day decisions, that is unacceptable. It’s important to have both. I’m afraid both idealistsl’s Cap and Tony are right in both of their opinions. Therefore it’s important to have balance.

  • Kirkland

    Um, obviously cap.

  • Guy Dudebreaux

    We don’t need anymore government regulations. Keep the government out of my batcave.

  • Dusk

    Captain America. It’s all about the motherfuckin’ freedom, baby.

  • Khadija

    Captain America is the Fuckin Man. Sorry language ;-). Iron Man is wrong. I hope Cap and Bucky kick his metal ass.

  • blankczech

    I’ll take Iron Man’s side in this even though I’m clueless about who stands for what in the film. I thought that in the first Captain America movie Steven Rogers was badgered into assuming the nickname Captain America and donning that ridiculous costume (back in the 1940’s) when he toured the country drumming up support for the Allied war effort. I was obviously wrong on that count as in 2016 he’s still dressing himself up like the America Flag and calling himself Captain America even though he no longer seems to involve himself with American causes. He may have fought the Nazis back in the day but nowadays Terrorist threats to our country like Isis are of little concern to him. Heck…this is supposed to be a Marvel Shared Universe but in Ironman 3…evil guys hacked into our national television sets to threaten our country and even kidnapped the President of the United States and a guy who calls himself Captain America and a friend of Tony Stark was no where to be found. Maybe our troops who do not have chemically enhanced bodies or a shield made from some inpenetrable metal are the real Captain Americas.

    • Mohammed Ali Fazal

      Cap. not being around when the President was kidnapped was the fault of MCU. 😛
      Not Captain America.
      But, I am still with Iron Man in this one.

  • Casey Jones

    iron man & spidey together …. will murk anyone

  • Thalia Clarkin

    I’m Team Cap all the way. Reason being, Captain America is honest, loyal, cares about others, not to mention puts others before him, respects and cares about his country, has his teammates backs, follows the rules, and he protects his friends no matter what, where as Iron Man is too much self centered, kind of a jerk towards other people, cares mostly about himself and money, doesn’t really have his teammates backs (maybe a little he does but not as much a Cap does), doesn’t really follow the rules, probably flees from danger after being beat up leaving his teammates behind, and is probably never there for anyone else except Pepper Pots, his one true love except, when she does die, but then comes back to life. All I’m saying is Iron Man is a huge playboy and Captain America is a very honorable man. Choose your side wisely. Go Team Captain America!!!

  • Vin IsHuge

    And of course we shall be showing off how a VS movie is supposed to be done to our DC fanboy brethren. Prepare to flame them without mercy my fellow Cap / Iron fanboys.

  • IanBugsy4

    Winter Soldier was much better than any of Iron Man’s movies so I’m cheering for Cap.

    • Mohammed Ali Fazal

      Not better than Iron Man 1.

  • Tyler

    Iron man all the way. In This case, cap is only thinking of himself and the heroes. Where as iron man is only trying to protect everyone, heroes and civilians. Cap hates the idea of being ordered/forced to do something that he doesn’t agree with, and bc of it, he rallies his own people against a government and puts many innocents lives at risk. Where as iron man agrees to help the shield/government so there isn’t a huge war and many innocents killed in the process. So, who’s being the self righteous jerk in this case?

  • Tyler

    On top of everything, I realize this post is about the upcoming film and the recent marvel movies have done a great job at trying to make tony stark look reckless, where in the actual comics, iron man never created ultron, it was hank Pym, the original ant man. I can see why people are choosing cap for this reason. But caps reasons for war against each other is selfish and reckless on his part.

  • Fork in the Road

    Cap, all day long!

  • cheezbugga

    I hate people looking too deep into this and assume these superheroes are meant to portray some big political message

    • Toussant Foster

      Except that when a super hero has a nation’s flag as a costume, it sort of does portray a political message. No one would assume Spider-Man is meant to signify any political message. In Captain America’s case, on the other hand, one might.

    • George Lee

      They do represent political issues are at least suppose to.

    • Shea He

      Civil war was written in response to the Patriot Act. So yeah… at least the comic writers tried to make it a big political message.

    • B. Jimmy

      These films portray the conflict of individualism versus government oversight, external power versus internal power. To assume that this is all mindless eye candy is not only unwisely disparaging, but ignorant.

  • Mechwarrior

    Ultimately, I choose Cap because in the MCU, it just doesn’t pay to trust authority. SHIELD turned out to have been corrupted by Hydra from the very beginning. The Hand has influence in New York’s government. Wilson Fisk runs the prison he’s supposedly being held in. The system is far too corrupt for a registration act to be a good idea, for the supers or the public. Tony is right to be worried about the dangers of superhumans without oversight, but unfortunately the alternative is even worse.

  • boaz helton

    team iron!!!!

  • Don Cummings

    Captain America may be the good ol’ boy with the corny red white and blue pride, but he’s definitely a man that every person should inspire to be. Also, Cap does have a dark side, just watch the Winter Soldier movie and look at what he did to Batroc the Leaper. Cap definitely has some built up aggression brewing inside his soul, I hope Cap finally lets it all out and just explodes with rage.

    • Joel Drake

      There’s nothing like the anger of a good man who’s had enough.

  • fred

    You can’t go wrong with Cap or Iron Man. But with Black Panther and Spider-Man being on Team Iron Man I gotta roll with that that side haha.

    • F Mellark


      Well, Black Panther changed sides in the end, didn’t he? He didn’t really care about the accords, only Bucky, and now he knows Bucky is innocent, he really has no problem with Cap, even helped him and all. Natasha also kind of betrayed Tony… team Iron Man of Betrayal. Poor Tony.

      • fred

        Well yes, you can say that now. I think with the Avengers being turned against each other and set up there are questions to be answered. But I don’t think there is no longer a Team Iron Man vs Team Cap, at least not in the way it was in the movies. It’s going to take some healing from both sides before they can start forgiving but eventually they will. I think once Tony sits back and truly think about it, he’ll realize that Bucky was brainwashed into killing his parents. But I can fully understand why he was pissed when he found it out and I would be pissed too, what person wouldn’t be. When they all unite and join forces plus with the addition of Thor, Hulk, Doctor Strange, Wasp, Captain Marvel and Guardians the Avengers will be quite formidable and far more powerful than they ever we’re before in the MCU and they will have to be taking on a powerhouse like Thanos

        • F Mellark

          Yeah, I agree with everything you said. There are no “teams” anymore, and everyone kind of lost. What I mean to say is how we start the movie, which side these characters choose, as opposite to where they end.

  • I’m on whatever side Spider-Man is on.


  • Tony Hughes

    Captain America is trying to protect the freedom of superheroes who would voluntarily risk their lives everyday, which is noble, but he would need to accept the world as what it is instead of what it could have been. When superheroes are in action, they would be faced with situations in which they had to make decisions for what they thought to be beneficial for the people, but as living creatures, they may make mistakes and the people will judge them for it. Iron Man learned this the hard way when a Stark-branded Ultron assaulted Sokovia and he had come to realize that a governing system representing the people would need to supervise and control to an extent in order to minimize chances of things going wrong and maintain accountability. Basically, it is better to have an effective police department than a group of vigilantes. I presume that Cap and some heroes lost his trust in a governing authority during The Winter Soldier, but the safest hands are not their own.

  • Foreversilky

    True Americans will be for Captain’s side, while American haters like the Liberals will be on Ironman side.

  • Just_a_Guy_Named_Joe

    Freedom! I just hope that Spidey, like he does in the comics, comes over to the good side.

  • I was never a big Captain America fan growing up, but I gotta say, that reading the original Civil War epic graphic novel, I became one. He’s a devoted constitutionalist who wasn’t willing to let the Federal Government oversee and dictate what the Super-Heroes would do, nor would he stand by and allow all the secret identities be in the hands of a secret global spy agency like SHIELD, even if he did fight by their side in the past. He was willing to put his life on the line and become an enemy of the state in the name of protecting the very country that’s hunting him. It’s very deep and nuanced story. In the same spirit you also felt that Stark made good points as well. Loved that story. Looks like the Civil War movie is going to touch on similar points as well! Can’t wait!!!!

  • Tristan Vena

    please read the comic before passing judgement. I voted Iron Man because he takes the logical stance

  • Mat Dub

    Captain america is the idealist and iron man is the pragmatist. Their sides are chosen accordingly. Me? I take idealism everytime. Go Cap.

    • Toussant Foster

      I agree with that analysis. Iran man is more pragmatic while Cap is an ideologue.

    • Diortem. RIP, Samus.

      What? Iron Man is the regressive idealist here. Thinking good ole government will swing in and save everything.

  • Infadel Macgee

    The whole premise is ridiculous

  • Grim Fees

    Captain America. Not even close.

  • akai13phoenix

    I’ve been having a mcu marathon since yesterday (may 6 never seemed so far b4 ), I’ve just finished IM3 and after all the overload of stark I’m having hard time not to support him despite all of his egoistic behaviors ,
    I guess I’m more like tony than captain in the terms of having ideal world
    And I can’t help but think how much Loki was right
    To rule and to be ruled in our as well as the whole universe’s nature , do I like that conclusion hell no but unfortunately complete freedom as well as the lack of it, both of them can be equally destructive

    I’m from a country that abhors captivity above anything so even now I am in between of order and the freedom as having both seems out of the reach

    Anyways I don’t think I’ll be able to decide on a side even after watching the movie

  • dudits

    They’re both wrong. On one hand registration is logical. We all register, you have to its a law. When your called your ass is going. Registration for a gun, for skills mastered (also qualify you for war calling)

    HOWEVER where the cap is correct and iron man is wrong is the mandated service. Don’t care who the hell you are you don’t pick and single out people. A war is one thing, grabbing a personal merc for whether is another.

    So I say they’re both wrong. The correct response would of been to team up kick some high powered ass then rewrite the bill. Some could have even stayed anon, BUT if caught using powers unregistered the punishment would have to be severe.

  • arie kusumah


  • Pore Flay

    Choose whose side? Captain America, or Ironman. I vote for Spiderman.

  • Diortem. RIP, Samus.

    Conservatives over regressives. Every time.

  • Indian

    sorry guys..i had to vote CAP…because…i compared Main Leads Attitude….but team members attitude wise…Team Iron is good…but again… leader is important…

  • jeffreyballesteros

    I’m with Captain America because it’s HIS movie. After all, it reads “Captain America: Civil War”, NOT “Captain America v Iron Man”.

  • adamwiemers

    How can you pick a side when two of your favorite characters, who are themselves close friends, are fighting? I don’t want either of them to win. I’m looking forward to the dramatic conflict presented by this scenario, but I’m hoping it will be resolved by the end of the movie, and not by one “winning” in super hero fashion.

    That being said…Go Captain America!! 😛

  • Peter Parker

    Without Pepper Potts, Tony Stark is not as interesting. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that without her, he’s dull. Robert Downey Jr. is fun but lacks luster. The whole Iron Man franchise suffers from Gwyneth Paltrow’s absence. In Iron Man III, she was the main attraction. She shined.

  • Hamza

    I don’t care if Cap is clearly the good guy. 1) I love Tony. 2) Team Iron Man’s got Spidey, I’m sold

  • Mario Alejandro Beltran

    Whatever side Spider-Man is on is the side i’m on #TeamIronMan

  • David Johnson

    Before I started hearing this question, I always just assumed Cap was right. I didn’t know there was another side.

  • Murrell Sippy

    People are so funny. If this was a poll about whether we thought there should heftier repercussions and accountability for police officers, it’d be 80-20 yes vs no.

    But slap people’s favorite hero as the subject and all of a sudden 60-40 says no, he shouldn’t be held more accountable.

    Good going guys. Proves we’re mostly social tools anymore. And note: I’m not declaring a stance as much as I’m pointing out opinions change based on who you’ve been lead to believe is the “good guy” and the “bad guy” by various media outlets.

  • Matthew Vesper

    Cap all the way.
    It’s a tough call about whether the Avengers as a team should be accountable to the UN or similar, but when you break it down on an individual basis it becomes a lot murkier.

    Wanda, as an example, received her powers after she was experimented on (same with Bucky). Does that mean she should have to register, put control of her life in somebody else’s hands just because of what somebody else did to her? Or if she doesn’t sign up, is she meant to stand by and watch people die when she can help? This is why the comparisons to the Mutant-Registration-Act were so important in the comic series.

  • Victor Fries

    I choose Iron Man ONLY because of Spidey!

  • gamer98

    #team ironman if you read the comic you’d be on this side to.

  • Ben Humphreys

    I don’t believe in taking sides where imaginary superhero stories are concerned.

  • Damien T

    What’s up douche? Sorry for late reply but I had better things to do. How’s that ugly mom of yours?

  • Common Sense

    Have nothing against Iron Man/Tony Stark, just can’t side with someone who is obviously being played. Tony Stark/Iron Man allowed “public sentiment” and a poor woman’s misplaced grief/blame to corrupt his ideals and sense of purpose. That kind of person is not leader material. Captain America stands up for his ideals, and they are pure, his ideals and sense of purpose does not sway with the ever changing, idiotic, and mindless public sentiment or gossip.

    What disappoints me is the public sentiment toward the Avengers, and the blame placed on the Avengers for any civilian casualties during their engagements (namely New York, Washington D.C, and Sokovia). Here’s why. “The world owes the Avengers an unpayable debt for risking their lives fighting for, and protecting the world.” (Marvel Civil War, 2016). And how does the world try and show their gratitude? By blaming them for all the destruction, then calling for the Avengers to be collared by the United Nations. LMAO!!! United Nations directing the Avengers, that’s going to go swell! Cause the United Nations has done SO MUCH GOOD for the world. Where ever the UN goes, not much gets done, costs though are huge. Once the UN leaves, things go back to the way they were. And numerous instances can be sited where UN forces stand down and do nothing, and let travesties occur because of politics, hidden agendas, greed, and basic “it’s not our problem” mentality. So, the Avengers agreeing to UN oversight and command would be highly idiotic decision and totally screw up the whole world.

    There is also another piece of fact to back up Captain America’s decision as the right one….look at New York, Washington, and Sokvoia. We can use the same instances the government/public uses to place blame on the Avengers and shift it back in their direction. It was the Avengers who foiled the baddies, protected millions, and saved the world – NOT THE government security agencies or UN. Where were they? Where was the UN? Or the American government? Or Sokovia government? Or EU? Mostly in the dark, or corrupted, infiltrated, and left dumbfounded.

    And the world governments/public want to place the Avengers under UN control? LOL!

    Which is why I would totally follow Captain America and his decision. And why I believe that his decision is really the only logical, morally ethical, intelligent, and common sense decision. One of most important strengths the Avengers have (over governments, security agencies, and naturally the public) is their autonomy! The freedom to seek out injustice, wrong-doing, terrorism, global domination plots, etc (whatever the comic book writers come up with, lol) and deal with them without the need to ask permission to do so. 😀

    • F Mellark

      I said the same thing in a comment on youtube, and the guy thought I didn’t understand the movie. They need supervision, he said, who better than the UN, he said… right buddy, keep telling yourself that.

  • F Mellark

    Team Cap, because I agree with his beliefs. I also think Tony is too driven by emotion and not thinking straight, which makes him unreliable.

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