6 Things We Learned About Broad City This Week

Bone up on your Broadcabulary for season two

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There’s some good repeatable vocabulary that season two of Broad City offers viewers who are impatiently awaiting the January premiere on Comedy Central.

Sunday the Paley Center and New York Comedy Festival co-hosted the event “Id Isn’t Always Pretty: An Evening with Broad City, featuring the show’s creators/stars, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, along with their angel executive producer Amy Poehler, director Lucia Aniello, and season two guest star Seth Rogen, who moderated the event.

A likely favorite will be “tittichips” courtesy of the first season’s lovable dentist “f—buddy,” Lincoln. Played by comedian, Hannibal Buress, Lincoln is always down with his buddy’s sexual quirks so making a thing out of eating potato chip from Ilana’s breasts is naturally deserving of title.

Last season had many of us Googling the sexual position “Arc de Triomphe.” The nod to the Parisian landmark is where two women do “Oprah hands” while two men give them — you know what? Just Google it yourself. And speaking of power ladies, expect nothing less than Ilana sporting a white power-suit — not to be mixed up with the white-power suit.

Oprah and Gayle love and fashion aside, here’s what we learned about the girls — better known as broads so one doesn’t mix the HBO show with the Comedy Central one. (“We haven’t seriously discussed anything crossover yet,” said director Aniello. “We could totally do something [with] Girls, but we haven’t found the right time for that for this season.”)

Here’s what we learned about Broad City:

Familiar guest stars will be in season two.

Rogen plays Abbi’s love interest this season. The Goofy Giggler who shared a cute story about Buress’ fake-but-real-but-fake-but-real jealous streak is revealed.

“I ran into him and I told him I was going to be on the show and that part of our story line is romantic,” Rogen said, “and he was like, ‘Are you with Abbi or Ilana?’ and I was like, ‘Abbi.’ And he goes — there was, like, a moment — and he goes, ‘Even though it’s not real, I would have been jealous if you said Ilana.'”

Other familiar faces are Curb Your Enthusiasm star Susie Essman who plays Ilana’s equally bold mother. (“Don’t forget to wear a condom!” is apparently her typical parting words to people.) Also revealed is an appearance by Orange is the New Black‘s Kimiko Glenn.

There will be plenty of the real New York City.

Just as the Big Apple was the fifth character in Sex and the City, in Broad City, Gotham is that gritty, in-your-face character to remind viewers of what’s to love, hate, and fear about the city.

“Shooting in Chinatown was really hard, nearly impossible,” said Aniello. “We were dealing with a butcher who has a pig open and blood was literally squirting everywhere.”

Keeping it real isn’t always easy to direct.

“Doing walk-ups was nearly impossible because people like to walk into shots,” said Aniello.”You might see a lot of blurred faces this season.”

The casual gonzo approach to filming is what got them Poehler.

The Broads wrote Poehler a letter “full of disclaimers and lots of outs” asking her to guest star in their last episode. “They were filming just around the corner from my house,” Poehler said in authentic New York geographic laziness. “And I was like, ‘Oh, okay, this will take an hour and it’s around the corner from my house.’ That was the clincher.”

The Broads still use their UCB training.

Like Poehler, Glazer and Jacobson’s act was born out of their time with the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York. Those improv skills come in handy to keep scenes fresh and edgy.

“If a scene isn’t going well, we will step away and do some improv,” said Aniello. “We’ll leave the script in order to get back to that place we want. It’s that supportive improv way. A lot of the time I’m stepping back and just letting them be themselves and do their own thing.”

“When we’re digging into these characters, these exaggerations of ourselves, a lot of it is us just going off,” said Jacobson. “We’re careful though when we get specific on things, like relationship stuff. We try to always give it a couple of years distance.”

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Until then, make sure you’re caught up with season one, which is Certified Fresh at 95 percent.