5 Shows To Watch Next If You Love Ted Lasso

If you enjoy heartfelt comedy, sports, and the writing on Apple TV+'s hit series, we've got a list for you.

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If the possible end of Ted Lasso has left you hungry for similar titles — and biscuits — here are five more like it that are worth checking out.

After three Certified Fresh seasons, it looks like an end (of sorts) has come for the comedy Ted Lasso. The comedy’s stars have offered mixed messages on whether season 3 was the last, and Apple TV+ hasn’t made an official call.

In any case, it’s all good friends, because with shows about football — both soccer and the other kind — plus all the heartfelt comedies you can handle, we’ve huddled up a perfect list of titles you should check out if you love Ted Lasso. And if you like biscuits, just watch The Great British Baking Show on Netflix.

Brand-New Pick

- - Angel City (HBO)

This three-part docuseries from HBO showcases the L.A.–based professional women’s soccer team, Angel City, that was co-founded by Oscar winner Natalie Portman in 2020 — proving that stars like Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney aren’t the only ones who can be in the soccer biz.

This one not only tells the story of how they started a franchise from scratch and became the largest majority female ownership group in pro sports, but also lets us in on the drama with players and coaches on and off the field.

Portman has said that she was inspired by her son’s love of the Women’s World Cup, and she felt compelled to contribute to some of the cultural changes happening in women’s sports.

And it’s her involvement in the soccer club and the series — she’s also an executive producer — that has early reviews looking very positive.

If you’re kicking around the idea of giving this one a shot, all you’ll need is Max — formerly known as HBO Max — and a few hours of free time

Where to Watch: Max

Audience Pick

53% The English Game (Netflix)

This historical miniseries is also about soccer players, only this one takes us back to the 1870s and basically tells the story of how soccer — aka football — came to be in England.

The English Game was developed by Julian Fellowes, who created Downton Abbey, and includes plenty of real people as characters and real events, but of course with the drama amped up a bit.

This one has a high audience score at 84%, but critics didn’t think it scored any goals. But the consensus from critics does point out that the show’s “love of the game is likely to elicit a rise out of fans.”

But please no rioting!

It’ll take you just under five hours to watch this one on Netflix, and then go ahead and give yourself some college credits for taking a history class too.

Where to Watch: Netflix

Under-the-Radar Pick

100% Detectorists (Acorn TV)

This comedy has a heartfelt side too — much like Ted Lasso — and comes from creator Mackenzie Crook, who also stars alongside Toby Jones.

The pair play friends who share a passion for metal detecting, and experience the greed, betrayal and other drama that goes along with trying to land that one big score that will turn them into detecting legends.

Along with three 100% Fresh seasons on the Tomatometer — one of which is Certified Fresh — Detectorists has unearthed multiple awards and plenty of praise all around. And critics say the show’s “pleasant hilarity is a wealth of emotional riches.”

New life goal: be pleasantly hilarious.

You’ll need about 10 hours to discover and dig up this show, after which you’re totally going to price out metal detectors on Amazon.

Where to Watch: by subscription on Acorn TV | buy on Prime Video, Apple TV+

Throwback Pick

97% Friday Night Lights (NBC)

With stars like Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton leading the way, this hit series focuses on the small town of Dillon, Texas, where winning football championships is the top priority.

Inspired by a book and subsequent film and developed by Peter Berg, the show was also known for its great young cast members, helping launch the careers of future stars like Michael B. Jordan, Jurnee Smollett, Taylor Kitsch, and Jesse Plemons.

Three of the show’s five Fresh seasons are at 100% on the Tomatometer. Four of the five are Certified Fresh. Critics love it for “offering a realistic glimpse into small-town life and the social issues that accompany it.”

You’ll need to draw up a play for just under 56 hours of time to get through this whole series. And then you’ll be able to finish the line when someone says to you: “clear eyes, full hearts…”

Where to Watch: by subscription on Peacock, Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video | by on Vudu, Apple TV+

Editors Pick

91% Shrinking (Apple TV+)

Shrinking was created by Jason Segel along with Ted Lasso co-creator Bill Lawrence and star-writer Brett Goldstein. And if you think Ted Lasso expertly combines the humor and heart, this show might even do it better and with a little more realism.

Segel also stars in the series as a grieving therapist who starts telling his clients exactly what he thinks. He is joined by Harrison Ford and Jessica Williams, with each person bringing their own memorable moments.

A Certified Fresh first season was a good start as shrinking continues to grow. And the consensus from critics is that “Segel and Ford’s sparkling turns make these characters worth close analysis.”

Shrinking has been renewed for a second season, but in the meantime, you can watch the first in about six hours. And trust me, you’ll be shocked at the number of times you literally lol.

Where to Watch: Apple TV+

90% Ted Lasso is now available to stream in its entirety on Apple TV+.

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