Meet the Critics and Publications Recently Approved for the Tomatometer

by | September 1, 2022 | Comments

Our Curation team is continuously vetting applications from critics and publications seeking to be Tomatometer-approved. The list below highlights the most recent critics and publications the team has approved, and we will be updating it regularly to reflect the growing pool of critics whose reviews contribute to the Tomatometer. Click through to read their most recent reviews.

Adam Olinger
Alex Billington
Ali Plumb
Andrew Bundy
Aprillé Morris
Ayelet Dekel
Breeze Riley
Caitlyn Downs
Carmen Paddock
Chase Hutchinson
Chris Joyce
Cody Leach
Dev Shea
Erin Brady
Federica Bocco
Gabi Zietsman
Ileana Melendez
Ishita Sengupta
Jeff Ewing
Jenn Adams
Jessica Scott
Joshua Minsoo Kim
Keith Garlington
Kevin L. Lee
Kevin Sampson
Latoya Austin
Leila Latif
Lillian Crawford
M.N. Miller
Maggie Lovitt
Martin Carr
Matthew Haynes
Michael Frank
Mike D’Angelo
Mitchell Beaupre
Natalia Keogan
Phuong Le
Rafaela Sales Ross
Reuben Baron
Ron Seoul-Oh
Ross Bonaime
Sara Merican
Stacey Yvonne
Suchin Mehrotra
Tara McNamara
Wael Khairy
Zoë Rose Bryant

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