Will the Werewolf King Be Returning for "Underworld 3"?

by | October 25, 2006 | Comments

British actor Michael Sheen is co-starring in a pair of high-profile dramas this season, "The Queen" and "The Blood Diamond," but when he sits down for an interview, the movie geeks want to know one thing. Will there be an "Underworld 3," and will Sheen be returning to play the Head Werewolf Guy?

From an interview at ComingSoon.net: "CS: We can’t end this interview without talking about your other big role, that of Lucian from "Underworld." I spoke to Len Wiseman earlier this year, and he mentioned wanting to do a prequel, though he’s now off doing "Die Hard 4." At this point in your career, would you still want to go back and play Lucian again?

Sheen: Oh, yeah, absolutely! I love playing that character. It’s great, and I’m always amazed by how popular the character is with people who are into that sort of genre thing. It always makes me laugh. At my local pub in London, there used to be a young guy who worked there, and I remember walking in at one time when he only started working there, and he freaked out because he suddenly realized I was Lucian from "Underworld." He couldn’t believe "Lucian" was in this pub, and he said, "Could you wait around because my boss looks like a werewolf and I want to see the two of you have a werewolf fight!" It’s an incredibly popular character, so I think the idea is that we’re trying to work out the whole idea of doing a third film. It would be a prequel and it would be about Lucian, the third film. Hopefully, we’ll get that together."

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