Wild Williams Discusses Batman and New Flicks

by | April 17, 2006 | Comments

Kellvin Chavez of Latino Review had an entertaining sit-down with the maniacal Robin Williams, and the clearly insane comedian dropped some news regarding his upcoming flicks: RV, Happy Feet, The Night Listener, and Night at the Museum. Plus he answers the question of if he’d like to play The Joker in Batman Begins 2.

"The Night Listener, the movie is based upon a Armistead Maupin short story, its based upon a thing that actually happened to him about a woman contacting him and saying I have a child whose been horribly abused, has AIDS and can you start corresponding with him. And eventually started calling and talking to the kid and then you find out later on that the kid didn’t even exist.

I play 3 penguins in Happy Feet, I play the Argentinean the one who sings ‘My Way.’

Night at the Museum is about the Museum of Natural History coming to life at night, which I went “I’m in.”

And when asked if he’d like to reunite with his Insomnia director Christopher Nolan

"Would you then consider taking a role like the Joker for Batman Begins sequel?
Robin Williams: Oh God Yeah!"

For the full interview, click here.