When Fox Cancelled "Firefly," it Started a Fire

by | June 10, 2005 | Comments

The third round of advance "Serenity" screenings went on sale today and (again) sold out quickly – in just minutes at some theaters. The fans of Joss Whedon‘s cancelled TV show "Firefly" and the upcoming feature film version, "Serenity," are officially on the move. "Firefly" fans (or "flans") are spreading the word, showing up for an unfinished version in droves, and doing their best to make a difficult-to-explain movie a major success.

"It’s a viral thing, encouraging them to encourage other people to see it, " (Whedon) explains over the phone while stuck in a Los Angeles traffic jam, en route to an editing session.

"Serenity" doesn’t have Tom Cruise or ‘I can’t believe I’m in the body of a third-grader’ slapped over the title, or any of the other things marketing people latch onto. What it does have is our belief in the film."