Very Mysterious New "Spider-Man 3" Promo!

by | February 6, 2007 | Comments

I think it’s really great that this movie marketing company called National CineMedia has some as-yet-unseen "Spider-Man 3" footage residing on its website — but know what would be even better? If I could actually watch the clip!

I’ve been trying for the last two-plus days (and yes, I have a very solid broadband connection) but I can’t seem to get this new "SM3" clip to play for me. Either it freezes or the download peters out or the video vanishes… Phooey. Kind of strange for a MEDIA company to have such trouble showing a movie clip, but there you have it. I’m frustrated.

Would anyone else like to tell the class what NEW footage can be found on this promotional clip? (If it’s spoilery, which I doubt, just keep it to yourself please.)

Opening May 4th, "Spider-Man 3" stars Tobey Mag… Oh, what’s the point? Anyone reading the Rotten Tomatoes news section is already well aware of who’s in the "Spider-Man" flicks!