"Transformers" Concept Art: Megatron Redux?

by | August 25, 2006 | Comments

Since a week can’t go by without some tidbit of "Transformers" news, check out a few "possible concept images" of Decepticon leader Megatron from the toymakers at Hasbro. By the looks of it, the big fella’s getting some major 21st century upgrades.

At "Transformers" fansite Seibertron.com (where they’re already counting down the 312 days until Michael Bay‘s live-action pic hits theaters next July), you can view a few shots of a potential Megatron official movie action figure, in which the menacing baddie looks super shiny, metallic, and a little bit "Alien"-ish.

The concept art looks pretty cool, but it’s definitely not your grandpa’s Megatron, circa 1984. I still can’t get over how the gigantic guy turns into a gun, but whatever.

"Transformers" will bring its interplanetary robot war into theaters July 4, 2007.