Trailer Bulletin: "Hot Rod" Premieres!

by | June 7, 2007 | Comments

So one of the guys who gave us the genius catchphrase of "DOUBLE TRUE" has a movie coming out in August. It’s called "Hot Rod." And we just got the brand spankin’ new trailer. In other words, welcome to Awesometown. Population: you.

"Hot Rod" stars SNLer Andy Samberg as thick-headed amateur stuntman Rod Kimble. Ian McShane costars as Frank, Rod’s bully of a stepfather who falls ill and needs a heart operation. Kimble devises a plan: he’ll jump 15 buses to raise the money for the operation for his stepfather, and then (per Paramount’s press release) "kick his ass."

The trailer introduces the rest of cast, including Isla Fisher (as the love interest), Will Arnett (that makes like, what, four movies this summer?!), and SNL members Chris Parnell and Jorma Taccone. Kimble’s various run-ins with solid objects are amusingly shot, and the trailer also features all of the three fine tenets of American comedy — explosions, somebody getting hit in the face with something, and a Jewfro.

"Hot Rod" will be out in theaters August 3rd. Check out the trailer here (it’s trailer #2)!