The Expanse Season 5 Finale Exclusive Sneak Peek: Let the Nemesis Games Begin

The Rocinante stands alone as Marco Inaros approaches with a fleet of vessels. Jim Holden and his sparse crew can't win this fight.

by | February 2, 2021 | Comments

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The Rocinante faces a fearsome foe in this look at the season 5 finale of The Expanse. Filling in on the under-crewed ship, Tycho’s Chief of Ops Bull (José Zúñiga) brings a discovery to Jim Holden (Steven Strait). Ships, a fleet of them. It’s got to be warmonger Marco Inaros and his minions. Investigative journalist Monica Stuart (Anna Hopkins) asks if the Rocinante can take on all of those ships. Erm … no.

The Expanse’s season 5 finale premieres on Wednesday, February 3 on Amazon Prime Video

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