The Creator First Reactions: The Best Sci-Fi Movie of the Year

Critics on social media say Gareth Edwards' latest is a visually stunning epic with spectacular action and ambitious storytelling, and it's a must-see for any fan of the genre.

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Whether you think Gareth Edwards’s Rogue One is one of the best Star Wars movie or one of the worst, you’re likely to love his new sci-fi movie, The Creator. Critics have begun to see the film, and they’re saying it’s one of the best sci-fi movies in a long time. From its visuals and action to its AI-focused story, The Creator is said to be the next big, spectacular must-see movie of the year.

Here’s what critics are saying about The Creator:

Is The Creator a new sci-fi classic?

“Been looking forward to the next great epic sci-fi film, and The Creator definitely nabs that title. Gareth Edwards’ nifty exploration of AI, war, and life itself, is a big-screen spectacle, that delivers on thrills, mind and heart.” – Fico Cangiano, CineXpress

“Though it pulls from identifiable inspirations, The Creator is 1 of the best original sci-fi epics in years. Massively entertaining, enthralling & profound on every level.” – Courtney Howard, Fresh Fiction

”As you learn about the way Gareth Edwards made The Creator you’ll understand how it’s a revolution in sci-fi filmmaking… I’m blown away.” – Steven Weintraub, Collider

The Creator is astonishingly good. Best film of the year and best sci-fi film in ages, in my opinion.” – Brandon Davis,

Image from The Creator (2023)

(Photo by ©20th Century Studios)

How does it look?

The Creator is visually stunning.”– Tessa Smith, Mama’s Geeky

The Creator is cinematically gorgeous.” – Laura Sirikul, The Nerds of Color

“Visually The Creator is PHENOMENAL. If you want a cinematographer on the rise to keep your eye on, it’s Oren Soffer. This movie is one stunning frame after the next.” – Perri Nemiroff, Colllider

“Gorgeous visuals.” – Germain Lussier,

“Beautifully designed and shot and richly rewarding.” – Drew Taylor, The Playlist

What about the action?

“Epic action.” – Germain Lussier,

“The soulfulness and spirituality of Gareth Edwards’ The Creator make every go-for-broke action set piece, every genuinely dazzling visual effect (by ILM and others), every gritty chase sequence resonate that much more.” – Drew Taylor, The Playlist

Image from The Creator (2023)

(Photo by ©20th Century Studios)

How is the story?

The Creator is a bold, fun, sci-fi delight. It has an engrossing story…resonant themes.” – Germain Lussier,

“Gareth Edwards flips expectations really impressively for a visceral, touching, and creative story of humanity. Genuinely loved it. You have to see this one.” – Brandon Davis,

“Gareth Edwards constructs an immersive world & fills it with compelling characters. Absolutely radical.” – Courtney Howard, Fresh Fiction

The Creator is incredibly ambitious and presents an immersive new science fiction universe. It feels both epic and intimate, consistently building momentum. I’m not sure I totally ‘got’ all of the third act, but I was thoroughly compelled and entertained.” – Joey Magidson, Awards Radar

“The story is really emotional, too. I was completely captivated pretty early on. Alphie is adorable! I totally fell in love with her! Love the important underlying themes of accepting those who are different from you.” – Tessa Smith, Mama’s Geeky

John David Washington in The Creator (2023)

(Photo by ©20th Century Studios)

Are there any problems with it?

“My main problem is it didn’t make me cry. It tries. VERY hard. But a tiny lack of connection means it *JUST* misses being a perfect package. But only *just.*” – Germain Lussier,

“There were some disturbing moments, one of imperialistic nature, that I’m upset about.” – Laura Sirikul, The Nerds of Color

“I felt the relationship between John David Washington’s Joshua and Alphie was contrived and lacking.” – John Nguyen, Nerd Reactor

The Creator opens in theaters everywhere on September 29, 2023.

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