Spyro the Dragon Breathing Feature-Length Fire

From the Playstation to the big screen.

by | October 26, 2007 | Comments

What do Elijah Wood, Stewart Copeland of the Police, Dr. Dolittle 4, and a digital purple dragon have in common?

If you said “Dear God, please let the answer be ‘nothing,'” we’ve got some bad news for you — Variety is reporting that The Animation Picture Company is working on bringing Spyro the Dragon to theaters.

Spyro is, of course, the purple protagonist of the long-running videogame series that bears his name. Since debuting in 1998, Spyro has fire-breathed and head-butted his way through multiple platform adventures — adventures successful enough to secure the soundtrack involvement of Stewart Copeland and the voicework of Elijah Wood (neither of whom are mentioned as being involved in the movie, by the way).

So now you know where Copeland and Wood come in. How about Dr. Dolittle? Well, as it turns out, APC’s Spyro script is being written by Steve and Dan Altiere, the scribes responsible for yes, you guessed it, the fourth installment of the Dolittle saga. It hasn’t been released yet, but with a title like Dr. Dolittle 4: First Dog, what could go wrong?

Variety‘s report mentions that “no director has yet been hired.” Dust off those résumés, young filmmakers!

Source: Variety