Shatner Chats on Next "Star Trek" Flick

by | November 15, 2006 | Comments

William Shatner is either a very funny guy OR he’s seriously lobbying for a part in J.J. Abrams‘ new "Star Trek" kick-start. Or hey: maybe both. Also: That Matt Damon rumor seems to be just that: a rumor.

From "In an interview with TV Guide, comeback king William Shatner says he has spoken to J.J Abrams about the new “Star Trek” film – but sounds diffident to whether or not he’ll be involved.

“I had a long talk with him, yeah. He’s going to morph Spock into Kirk — I’m starting that rumor”, he cheekily remarks.

In all seriousness, would he reprise his role of the grizzled intergalactic adventurer, if even for a cameo? “I don’t know how they’re going to do that. I’m dead…. It’s one of those science-fiction puzzles that needs to be worked out”, he chuckles."

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