Sarandon Gets "Enchanted"

by | January 13, 2006 | Comments

The Hollywood Reporter brings word that celebrated actress Susan Sarandon will join James Marsden and Amy Adams in Kevin Lima‘s "Enchanted," which will combine live-action and CG animation into a movie that sounds like "Shrek" meets "Ever After."

"Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon will star as a wicked queen intent on destroying true love in Walt Disney Pictures’ "Enchanted." Sarandon has signed on to play Queen Narissa opposite a star-crossed princess and prince (Amy Adams and James Marsden) in the Kevin Lima-directed fairy tale that will blend animation and live action. The Bill Kelly script centers on a princess-in-waiting who is banished from a classical animation world by a vainglorious queen and dumped into a modern-day, live-action Manhattan."

Kevin Lima’s previous films include "A Goofy Movie," "Tarzan," and "102 Dalmatians."