Rothman & Apatow to Deliver "Early Bird" Special

by | November 16, 2005 | Comments

Variety reports that "Undeclared" collaborators Rodney Rothman and Judd Apatow will reunite to produce "Early Bird," a comedy about a young writer who gets fired from a sweet talk-show gig, gets depressed, and moves into a retirement community.

"Rothman’s project originally started as a book, "Early Bird: a Memoir of Premature Retirement," inspired by his own life after losing his writing gig at "Late Show With David Letterman." Before his tome hit shelves, NBC bought it and ordered a pilot, though it was never picked up for series.

Published in May, "Bird" centers on a scribe in his late 20s who loses his television job. He then moves into a Florida senior community and learns to love the laid-back lifestyle."

Apatow is on board as producer on the project; no word yet on who’ll direct.