Producer Defends Mac's Crazy "Transformers" Role

by | March 9, 2007 | Comments

When Bernie Mac told Rotten Tomatoes that he plays a used car salesman who sells the "Transformers" in the upcoming live-action movie, it may have worried many fans. It’s funny, but is it really appropriate for the material? The film’s producer, Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, assured fans that there is no disrespect.

"I think it’s everybody’s sort of internal barometer," he said. "I personally can’t take 32 foot sized metal robots all that seriously. On the other hand, I take what they represent very seriously. So it’s that sort of balance where you say to yourself, ‘You know what? Let’s not pretend we’re making War and Peace. We’re not. But people feel really passionate about what these Autobots and Decepticons stand for and there’s a very rich mythology so there’s a real demand to deliver that."

There may be more fun to be had by putting the robots in disguise on earth, but the filmmakers aren’t burning any bridges, except the literal ones in the giant robot battle. "For the nonfan of it, we had to have enough fun with it that they’d be entertained. And for the fan, we had to take it very seriously what we were executing around the Autobots and the Decepticons."

As for Mac’s role it is as crazy as it sounds. "He’s insane in the movie. He’s so insane I can’t believe it."