Orlando Bloom Talking "Superman" with Bryan Singer?

by | April 11, 2007 | Comments

"Take this report with a grain of salt" is something I have to say from time to time, just to help separate the confirmed news from the juicy gossip. This piece falls firmly in the latter category: Someone overheard Orlando Bloom and Bryan Singer talking about the "Superman Returns" sequel.

The report comes from one of those snarky celebrity gossip blogs that I’d never admit to reading, but it’s just geeky enough to spread across the internets like wildfire: According to this blog, Orlando Bloom was spotted dining with "Superman Returns" director Bryan Singer AND producers Mindy and Jon Peters.

According to a blogger with very good ears, the foursome was "discussing roles" with one another. For all we know the conversation could have been something like "Hey Orlando, how could you pass up one of these (dinner) rolls??," but if and when Orlando Bloom officially signs on for a role in the super-sequel, we’ll be able to say that a snarky celebrity gossip blog scored the news first.

Source: JustJared.com