Marvel "Avengers" Movie More than Possible

by | June 15, 2007 | Comments

Just hours before The Hollywood Reporter posted a story about Marvel hiring Zak Penn to write an "Avengers" movie, Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige was joking with press on the "Iron Man" set about bringing all the characters together. Where studio boundaries prevented it in the past, Marvel is now its own entity.

"The idea that what’s preventing certain characters from crossing over in the past is the fact that they were all divvied up at different studios," said Feige. "There were big giant gates in between them and they couldn’t play in the same sandbox. Now that we have Hulk and Thor and Captain and Iron Man and Ant Man, it certainly would indicate to me that it might be fun to see them all in the same sandbox at some point."

Penn may be toiling away at a script, but he may have to wait until each of those characters get their own movies "Certainly we’re introducing them and building them into their own franchises first."