Mark Wahlberg to Star in the "G.I. Joe" Movie?

by | March 6, 2007 | Comments

While out hyping their new movie "Shooter," producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura and actor Mark Wahlberg were (of course) asked about their upcoming projects, and it seems they’ll have another one in common: the live-action version of "G.I. Joe."

No, he won’t be playing the title character, but it looks like Wahlberg is being primed for the role of "Duke." If I knew anything about "G.I. Joe," I could dole out a little more information, but I’m assured that Duke is a good guy and not a bad guy.

Our source also brings us a little bit of plot synopsis on the "Joe" flick (which doesn’t seem to have a director at this point?), which will take place before "Cobra Command" became this evil faction that wanted to destroy the world. Right? Anyway, any flick called "G.I. Joe" will probably be rated PG-13, and that kinda stinks.