Jack Davenport Heads Back to the "Caribbean"

by | April 1, 2005 | Comments

Empire Online had a brief but charming little chat with actor Jack Davenport (best known as the stuffy Capt. Norrington in "Pirates of the Caribbean"), and here’s what the affable chap had to say about the sequels: "I’m filming on Pirates until January of next year … The first one made so much money that the number crunchers obviously decided to turn it into a franchise. We’re kind of lucky to be along for the ride really."Mr. Davenport also mentions that the terrific team of screenwriters known as Elliott and Rossio are also along for the ride, and that the sequels may include "a bit of cross-dressing – no, I’m kidding." The first follow-up, entitled "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest" is presently penciled for release on July of 2006.