"Iron" Bits: Favreau Speaks and Villain Buzz

by | May 30, 2007 | Comments

Might as well get used to us talking about "Iron Man," mainly because you guys love the comic book movies, but also because I really can’t wait to see what this flick turns out like.

As he’s likely to do from time to time, director Jon Favreau did some MySpace blogging to share a few words with the fans: " I have been relatively quiet for two main reasons. First, I feel like the General of a huge military campaign. I have no life other than Iron Man. Between the script, sets, effects, shooting and editing, I am completely monopolized.

The second reason is, you Iron Man fans are like criminal profilers…" (Check our source for the whole post. MySpace can be so slow sometimes.)

On the same page, hidden behind magical inviso-spoiler text, is some pertinent information regarding the Stane character (who’ll be played by Jeff Bridges) and a potential switcheroo for the adventures of the evil Mandarin character.

Source: ScreenRant.com