In Other News...Scarlett Johansson and Michael Vartan

by | August 24, 2005 | Comments

They’ve been fairly quiet for a few months now, but it appears that Hollywood’s most loathed and feared denizens – the paparazzi – have struck again. Last Friday, Lost in Translation darling Scarlett Johansson got into a car accident in the happiest place on earth after four aggressive photogs reportedly chased her through the Disneyland parking lot. Johansson, in an attempt to evade her pursuers, swerved her Mercedes into another car; a woman and her two daughters inside were uninjured. Unlike some flighty celeb fender-tappers, Johansson stayed at the scene and did the responsible info exchange. The collective paparazzi has been relatively quiet since last May, when an overzealous photographer rammed Lindsay Lohan‘s car; this month the Los Angeles Police Department cleared stalkerazzi of false imprisonment charges stemming from an April incident in which Reese Witherspoon claims she was chased, then detained in her car by a band of photographers.

Fans of Alias star Michael Vartan are taking it to the internet in a grassroots campaign to save Vartan’s secret agent character, Agent Vaughn. Worried devotees fear that, given reported on-set tension between Vartan and ex-girlfriend/series star Jennifer Garner, Vartan’s character is rumored to be written out this season. Garner, of course, became Mrs. Ben Affleck last June and the Daredevil duo is expecting a child later this year. To join the fight to save Agent Vaughn, who along with Garner’s Sydney Bristow was on the receiving end of a shocking head-on car crash in last season’s finale, you can visit