First Mummy 3 Images from Rob Cohen!

Jet Li enters the Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

by | October 3, 2007 | Comments

Jet Li has arrived on the set of The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, and director Rob Cohen has updated his blog to provide some behind-the-scenes stories — as well as a few new stills.

In an entry posted yesterday, Cohen talks about the excitement of Li’s arrival in Montreal:

Jet Li finally has joined us in Montreal and the production has palpably kicked up into a higher gear.

As I shoot our “trekking through the Himalayas” sequence where our heroes are searching for Shangri-la, I am madly refining the Emperor/Rick O’Connell fight with stunt co-ordinators Ku Huen Chzu (known to everyone as Dede) and Mark Southworth. It’s a real contrast in styles, Brendan’s and Jet’s, highly balletic, powerful Wushu vs. the brutal directness of Krav Maga plus magic and shape-shifting creatures leading to the the climax aided by Luke Ford and the clash of armies overhead.

I have seven days to shoot it so this will be my last entry until China. We wrap here next Thursday; then I’m off to L.A….then straight to Beijing and Tian Mo, the desert three hours north of the capitol.

The director goes on to include three shots of the cast in action; Cohen says they’ve all “been shining with equal light.” Here’s a look at Brendan Fraser in full Mummy 3 mode — click on the link below for a look at the rest!

Source: Rob Cohen