Ejiofor Talks "Children" -- and "Serenity" Sequel (kinda)

by | April 17, 2006 | Comments

Don’t get too excited, Firefly-fans. IGN FilmForce did have a solid interview with excellent actor Chiwetel Ejiofor, and they DID ask the guy if he knew anything about a Serenity sequel … but there’s not too much to report, it seems. Darnit.

From IGN FF: "At a recent interview for the new film Kinky Boots by director Julian Jarrold, IGN FilmForce had the chance to ask the actor about his work on Alfonso Cuaron‘s (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) upcoming film, Children of Men.

Ejiofor explains the plot: "It’s sort of set a short time in the future with general sort of political societal collapses as well as these issues of fertility that have created a very enraged and complex society, and it’s based on the Peter James novel. Alfonso, I think, has adapted and written a terrific script, and a really good cast of people have come together to shoot the film.

Serenity‘s future is indefinite at this point. The box office take was less than stellar, but continuously strong DVD sales have left the door open. "I don’t know what that is or that situation… Joss is such an amazing guy, and I’d be intrigued to see where he would sort of take that and take the story and so on, and whether it would be sequels or prequels. I’m sure he could do absolutely anything."

For the full interview, click right here.