Crouching Prequels, Hidden Broadway

by | March 10, 2006 | Comments

Variety brings word that the Weinstein boys have picked up the rights to the whole series of books of which "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" is Part 4. The plan is to ramp up production on a new series of movies … while CTHD makes the leap from silver screen to Broadway stage.

"Bob and Harvey Weinstein are planning to bring a legit version of martial arts pic "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" to the stage, and are also developing the five books that encompass "Tiger" as a film franchise of three prequels and a sequel.

The sibs have acquired worldwide rights to develop and produce a stage adaptation of Chinese author Wang Du Lu’s "Crane — Iron Pentalogy," a series of tomes that includes "Tiger" as its fourth installment.

"Tiger" would serve as the first planned legit production to be culled from the book series. Harvey Weinstein said that he envisions the project as a "combination spectacle and musical with a cohesive (storyline)." He added that the stage version would be akin to "Cirque du Soleil with a pronounced narrative, featuring the greatest martial artists."

The original "Crane — Iron" books comprise five martial arts novels that follow the adventures of three generations of related protagonists during the Qing dynasty. Titles include "Crane Frightens KunLun," "Precious Sword," "Golden Hairpin," "Sword Spirit, Pearl Light," "Tiger" and "Iron Knight, Silver Vase."

As for the films, the projects would be Chinese language, and Weinstein said he would like to approach original "Tiger" helmer Ang Lee and producer Bill Kong about coming on board. "Tiger" would not be remade as part of the series, and the Weinsteins have not chosen which book would serve as the basis for the first project."