Could "Futurama" Be Reborn Via DVD?

by | May 25, 2005 | Comments

When it was just one little bit of juicy gossip at a "Futurama" website, I was intrigued but skeptical. But when the brilliantly funny voice-actor Billy West confirmed the news, well, I felt it was something worth sharing: Fox Home Video seems to be more than a little interested in producing one or more "Futurama" movies, which will be released directly to video.

But before you start muttering about the generally low quality of DTV fare, keep in mind that series creator David X. Cohen is still at the helm of the Planet Express ship. There’s nothing more concrete than the two articles posted at, but given how impressive the sales figures have been for the "Futurama" DVD sets, this would seem to be a no-lose proposition for the Fox Video decision-makers.