"Candy" Girl to be Bond's Next Flame?

by | March 13, 2007 | Comments

Just in time for the DVD release of "Casino Royale" comes word, via IGN, of rumors regarding who’ll vamp it up opposite Daniel Craig in the inevitable next Bond movie. The report, initially picked up by MI6.co.uk from Australian magazine New Idea, names "A Good Year" and "Candy" actress Abbie Cornish as the next Bond girl.

As the report’s source puts it: "Abbie is perfect because she is not familiar to film audiences, but at the same time people have become intrigued by her. She may not have enjoyed being caught up in a scandal at the time but it certainly helped her profile."

Cornish in "Somersault"

That "scandal," for those of you who don’t make a habit of concerning yourselves with other peoples’ divorces, concerns an alleged on-set affair between Cornish and her "Stop Loss" co-star Ryan Phillippe, who was married to Reese Witherspoon at the time.

Cornish can next be seen in "The Golden Age," with Cate Blanchett and Clive Owen, and "Somersault," co-starring Sam Worthington, who could tell Cornish a thing or two about Bond rumors — he was, after all, supposedly up for the role of the secret agent before it went to Craig.

Source: IGN Movies