Bond Screenwriters Shoot Down "Risico" Rumor

by | January 30, 2007 | Comments

It was only a few days after "Casino Royale" opened up, but there they were: sequel rumors aplenty, most of which focused on the allegations that "Bond 22" would be based on the old Ian Fleming story "Risico," despite the fact that said source material had already been mined for "For Your Eyes Only" in ’81. Confused? Don’t worry about it, cuz it was all wrong.

Thanks to, here’s what we know now: The next Bonder will have no connection whatsoever to "Risico," but when the series screenwriters (Robert Wade and Neal Purvis) were asked about another rumor, they got all "no comment" and such. (That rumor involves the villain of the next flick being the boyfriend of the girl who was killed in the last flick … I think.")

Oh, and if you’re still wondering when the new Bond flicks will get around to introducing their versions of the Q and Moneypenny characters, we seem to have good news and bad: Moneypenny, maybe … Q, probably not.