"Area 51" Game to Make the Leap to Moviedom

by | April 5, 2007 | Comments

The arcade version of "Area 51" was, I believe, one of the first to utilize the "point the gun at the screen" technology. Or if not one of the first, then certainly one of the coolest. Oh, and Paramount just signed a deal to make a movie from that game.

Chock full of weapons, aliens, and zombies, "Area 51" feels like a video game that’s screaming for a big-screen adaptation, and now it’s about to get rolling. Award-winning comic book author Grant Morrison has been hired to write the "Area 51" screenplay, and he’ll be working from a foundation laid down by writer/producer Dean Georgaris. Mr. Morrison is probably best known for his books "Arkham Asylum," "Justice League of America," and "The New X-Men."

The "Area 51" plot should be your standard "sci-fi video game movie" stuff: Marines, guns, aliens, explosions, infections, mayhem, etc. Special effects wizard Stan Winston is on board as a producer, so at least we know the eye candy will be tasty. Just keep Uwe Boll away from the project and we’ll be getting off on the right foot.

Source: Variety