2008 Photo Gallery Updates: The Dark Knight, Cloverfield, Speed Racer, and More!

The year we make contact with Uwe Boll.

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Most of the critics associations have spoken, the Golden
Globes will announce their nominees in two days, and another year draws to a close.
But enough about 2007. We’re eagerly wondering, "Will 2008 be as much fun?"
Though the magic and wizardry of the electronic press kit, let us journey into the future and peek at what the major studios are up to for the upcoming months.

Click on each image for hi-res versions and galleries.

We know now grimy digital cameras and monsters from the Atlantic
can make for compelling trailer cinema, but will that be enough
to sustain a feature-length movie? We’ll find out January 18 when Paramount
unleashes Cloverfield.

They’ve got the munchies…for adventure! BFFs Harold and
Kumar return April 25 for another dazed and confused romp in
Harold and Kumar
Escape from Guantanamo Bay
this time getting sidetracked during a totally innocent trip to Amsterdam.

The first trailer and handful of
Speed Racer
stills are out, and fanboy reaction so far has been passionately divided. Exactly
how the mischievous
Wachowskis would like it, we’re sure.
Speed Racer will hit
the multiplex circuit on May 9.

Sometimes the Batmobile (especially
Batman Begins
‘ armored
Frankenstein-on-wheels) just can’t weave through Gotham
traffic fast enough. That’s
when you call up the Batpod. It’ll probably get some nifty chase scenes in
Dark Knight
, in theaters July 18.

busiest A-list director,
Ridley Scott, makes his 2008 mark with, um,
Ridley Scott Thriller
. Already widely known by its production title,
Body of
, the film will star
Leonardo DiCaprio,
Russell Crowe, and
Carice von

Of course, let’s not forget that wonderful medium almost as
old as cinema itself: the movie poster! Our personal picks for the best 2008 posters

so far:



These posters are for
Funny Games
(Feb. 15),
One Missed Call
(Jan. 4), and
Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
(May 22).