"Spider-Man 3" Reactions Starting to Come In

by | April 16, 2007 | Comments

A prickly one again for me: There’s a brand-new "spy review" of "Spider-Man 3" over at AICN, but since I refuse to read extensive opinions about a movie until I see it for myself, I’ll just have to point you in the right direction and say "The spy really liked it."

AICN actually has a pair of reader responses on "Spider-Man 3," and I just jumped down to the bottom of each email to get the bottom line.

#1: "That’s right folks 3 is my favorite, the trilogy curse is broken at last and we finally have a complete vision of a comic book character, which was yet to be done until now. My hat is off to the whole crew for giving us this gift of a trilogy."

Yes, that’s right, folks. "Norman’s Boy" has decided that Part 3 is his favorite.

#2: "Spider-man 3" must be the best visual action blockbuster ever and outdo all its predecessors. It is really rare to see a better sequel these days, right?"

So there you have it: Unanimous praise for Sam Raimi‘s "Spider-Man 3," which opens on May 4th, just in case you’ve been living under three rocks for the past four months.

Fair warning to those who’d like to read the full text. There definitely seems to be some hardcore spoilers in the second piece, so tread lightly.

Source: AICN