"Napoleon" Star to Become a "Mama’s Boy"

by | September 12, 2005 | Comments

Variety indicates that "Napoleon Dynamite" himself, actor Jon Heder, will star in Warner Independent’s comedy "Mama’s Boy," from debut director Tim Hamilton.

"Heder will play an arrogant pseudo-intellectual whose ideal life of living at home with his angelic mom in Texas is threatened when she falls in love with a self-help guru and prepares to marry him."

Warners plans to get "Mama’s Boy" underway next February, working from a screenplay by Hank Nelken. For his part, Mr. Hamilton has vast music video experience, having helmed videos for Crash Test Dummies, Barenaked Ladies, and several others.

Mr. Heder can also be seen in next weekend’s "Just Like Heaven," as well as the upcoming "School for Scoundrels," as directed by "Old School" helmer Todd Phillips.

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