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The Best Better Call Saul Episodes to the Worst

There’s not all that much difference Tomatometer-wise between the “best” episodes of Better Call Saul and what may more properly called the “not-quite-the-best” episodes. The AMC crime drama prequel to hit series Breaking Bad boasts 51 episodes with a perfect 100% Tomatometer score, including the series finale; of those, 43 accomplished that perfect score with 10 or more critic reviews. Only 12 episodes had a lower score, with the lowest score at a very respectable 89% on 27 reviews.

Ties between episodes with the same score and the same number of reviews are broken by the “average rating” (the reviewers’ average score of the title out of 10) found under “See Score Details” link beneath their Tomatometer scores on each season’s page.

Each of the show’s seasons is Certified Fresh. Here’s how they stack up by Tomatometer (in cases where they have the same score, those with a higher number of reviews take a higher position):

Does season 2 deserves its bottom slot? (Tell us what you think in the comments.)

If Rotten Tomatoes bestowed the Certified Fresh designation on episodes, all 10 of the first season’s would wear the badge. We can only guess that episodic review fatigue set in with critics after the first season — how many ways can you say “excellent” anyway?

The series finale would also be Certified Fresh. It is currently No. 2 of all episodes in the series with 21 reviews (as of publication at 12:30 p.m. PT on August 16), following only season 1 episode 6, “Five-O,” which focused on the backstory of Jonathan Banks’ Mike Ehrmantraut and receives its 100% Tomatometer score on 25 reviews.

See how all of Better Call Saul’s episodes ranked by Tomatometer below.

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Critics Consensus: In a departure from the existing Better Call Saul narrative, "Five-O" provides essential backstory for Mike's character, delivered in a gripping, award-worthy performance by Jonathan Banks.
Synopsis: When a tragic past comes back to haunt Mike, he seeks help from an unlikely source; Jimmy's moral compass is... [More]
Directed By: Adam Bernstein

Critics Consensus: The lawyer who broke bad finally comes clean in "Saul Gone," an emotionally powerful and thematically fitting conclusion to one of television's great dramas.
Synopsis: The series finale.... [More]

Critics Consensus: A terrifically-acted, heart-wrenching revelation, mixed with a tough and powerful subplot for Mike, makes "Pimento" a superior penultimate episode of a consistently strong season.
Synopsis: Chuck wants Jimmy to accept a harsh truth; Mike's ability to complete a job is questioned, thereby threatening a deal.... [More]
Directed By: Thomas Schnauz

Critics Consensus: The premiere will be familiar territory, but Bob Odenkirk's turn as Jimmy McGill establishes Better Call Saul as a worthy character study in its own right.
Synopsis: Jimmy works magic in the courtroom; after being inspired unexpectedly, Jimmy tries an unconventional method for pursuing potential clients.... [More]
Directed By: Vince Gilligan

Critics Consensus: "Mijo" offers an enthralling demonstration of Better Call Saul's long-term plans to skillfully steer the viewer into Jimmy McGill's moral skid.
Synopsis: Jimmy's troubles escalate when he is taken hostage, leaving him desperately planning his escape; carelessness puts Chuck at risk.... [More]
Directed By: Michelle MacLaren

Critics Consensus: While the Jimmy-Mike dynamic provides the episode's most entertaining moments, it's the deeper dive into Jimmy's back story that makes "Nacho" a winner.
Synopsis: Jimmy is eager to prove that his dangerous client is innocent, even though it causes problems with Kim.... [More]
Directed By: Terry McDonough

Critics Consensus: An excellent ending to a bittersweet season, "Winner" ties up loose threads while priming each of Better Call Saul's excellently drawn characters for the coming danger.
Synopsis: Jimmy turns the page on his reputation; Lalo tracks a loose end in Gus' operation; Mike is forced to make... [More]

Critics Consensus: Subtle but with detail-oriented precision,"Klick" further scrutinizes the complex relationship between the brothers McGill while setting the stage for a potent next season.
Synopsis: Jimmy must make a difficult choice; Mike takes matters into his own hands; Hamlin delivers shocking news.... [More]

Critics Consensus: "Something Beautiful" is full of strong, small moments that continue to drive the show's complicated characters forward -- if ever so slowly.
Synopsis: Jimmy puts a risky plan into motion; as alliances shift, Nacho finds himself in the crosshairs; Kim contemplates her future.... [More]

Critics Consensus: "Smoke" kicks off Better Call Saul's fourth season by finally shifting Jimmy's disturbing transition to Saul into full gear.
Synopsis: Jimmy struggles to cope with Chuck's tragic death; Mike ponders his role at Madrigal; Howard makes a startling confession.... [More]

Critics Consensus: Odenkirk and Banks carry their respective portions of "Mabel" with ease and innuendo in an episode that enlivens its familiar aesthetic with a peppier-than-normal pace.
Synopsis: Jimmy and Chuck's relationship deteriorates; Kim feels the pressure of running her own firm; Mike investigates the note left on... [More]

Critics Consensus: Saul goes full Breaking Bad in an exciting, emotional episode that proves "Quite a Ride."
Synopsis: Jimmy identifies a new market for his talents; Mike vets a potential partnership; Kim drives a hard bargain.... [More]

Critics Consensus: "Gloves Off" finds Better Call Saul coming further into its own with an enthralling episode that highlights Jonathan Banks' contributions.
Synopsis: Jimmy's actions create waves for Kim; Mike considers a lucrative proposal that may bring about dire circumstances.... [More]

Critics Consensus: "Sabrosito" juggles narrative strands while advancing Better Call Saul's overall narrative arc -- and setting up moments Breaking Bad fans have waited patiently for.
Synopsis: Jimmy asks a favor of Mike; new complications disrupt Salamancas' business; Chuck and Jimmy struggle with a compromise.... [More]

Critics Consensus: With sharp dialogue and a seamlessly developing plot, "Cobbler" steers its central character ever closer to the horribly compelling tumble from greatness Better Call Saul is building toward.
Synopsis: Mike brokers a deal in order to keep a potentially messy situation intact; Jimmy tries to exonerate an eccentric client.... [More]

Critics Consensus: "Amarillo" finds Better Call Saul's talented leads settling into their characters while laying the groundwork for subsequent plot points.
Synopsis: Jimmy's client outreach efforts succeed, and he exhibits new heights of showmanship; Mike is puzzled by Stacey's upsetting news.... [More]

Critics Consensus: "Nailed" is a standout episode that brings the action to a heartbreaking head leading into the season finale.
Synopsis: Mike takes a methodical approach to his mission; someone questions Chuck's capabilities; Jimmy faces a personal dilemma.... [More]

Critics Consensus: The war between Jimmy and Chuck comes to an unprecedented climax in the heartbreaking, sober, and defining "Chicanery," an episode that clearly cements Better Call Saul as essential television.
Synopsis: Kim and Jimmy face off with an adversary; Jimmy looks to Chuck's past to secure his future; Jimmy loses an... [More]

Critics Consensus: A feeling of inevitability permeates "Weidersehen," a surprisingly mellow and melancholy penultimate episode beautifully realized by Vince Gilligan and Gennifer Hutchison's creative reunion.
Synopsis: Jimmy and Kim unburden themselves, risking their relationship in the process; Nacho is forced to make the rounds with Lalo;... [More]

Critics Consensus: Jimmy ties the knot, but Saul Goodman is hanging a noose over everyone's future in this diabolically satisfying installment.
Synopsis: Jimmy and Kim build a legal firewall with help from Huell; Kim sets things straight with her clients as Jimmy... [More]

Critics Consensus: Lalo lives to fight another day and Kim breaks bad in a season finale that masterfully assembles the board for Better Call Saul's doom-laden conclusion.
Synopsis: Jimmy and Kim make a sideways move that takes a serious turn; Nacho gets closer to the cartel than he'd... [More]

Critics Consensus: "Bali Ha'i," with a calm-before-the-storm approach, subtly shows nuanced character performance work while brilliantly eliminating trusted tropes and providing a desired focus on Kim and Mike.
Synopsis: Jimmy finds comfort in familiarity; Kim receives a life-changing proposal; when he is threatened, Mike finds himself pushed to the... [More]

Critics Consensus: Emotionally foreboding and beautifully shot, "Fifi" draws empathy for several key characters, even those normally disliked.
Synopsis: Mike aims to settle the score with an enemy; Jimmy finds himself presented with an unexpected opportunity.... [More]

Critics Consensus: It's all coming together in "Dedicado a Max," a callback-heavy installment that thrillingly expands on the characters of Mike and Kim, with Rhea Seehorn's performance a highlight.
Synopsis: Mike takes an impromptu trip out of town; as she and Jimmy grow closer over their campaign to help a... [More]

Critics Consensus: Jimmy undergoes a trial by gunfire in "Bagman," an unpredictable installment that is given blockbuster suspense by Vince Gilligan's direction.
Synopsis: When a simple errand for a client goes sideways, Jimmy is pushed to the limit; Mike takes measures to contain... [More]

Critics Consensus: "Point and Shoot" aims Better Call Saul towards an endgame and launches it forward at full throttle, sunsetting a fan favorite with fitting style while setting the stage for an agonizingly suspenseful home stretch.
Synopsis: An unexpected visitor forces Jimmy and Kim to face the consequences of their actions.... [More]

Critics Consensus: "Coushatta" sensitively highlights the aches of relationships, most effectively accentuating Jimmy and Kim's uneasy arc.
Synopsis: Jimmy goes to great lengths to right a wrong, as Kim pulls out all the stops for a case; Mike... [More]

Critics Consensus:
Synopsis: In the wake of Jimmy's traumatic misadventure, Kim takes stock of what is important; Jimmy attempts to return to business... [More]

Critics Consensus: "Witness" marks the long-awaited arrival of a fan favorite character -- and ends on an explosive note that leaves viewers clamoring for more.
Synopsis: Jimmy and Kim hire an assistant; Mike seeks out a mysterious acquaintance; Chuck uses the law to gain an advantage... [More]

Critics Consensus: Like a cookie full of arsenic, "Wexler V. Goodman" delivers the fun and the toxic, enthralling viewers with Jimmy's plan before delivering a series of gut punches they aren't soon to forget.
Synopsis: Kim tries to pump the brakes on Jimmy's latest scheme, but it may be too late to stop Saul; Mike... [More]

Critics Consensus: Rich in character (and colorful suits), "Inflatable" is a funny and profound turning point for several key figures with life-altering decisions to be made.
Synopsis: When Mike's hand is forced, he can no longer hide his frustration; Mike and Jimmy work together to keep the... [More]

Critics Consensus: Jimmy McGill is dead, long live Saul Goodman in a doom-laden premiere that wrings heartbreaking juxtaposition between the "Magic Man" himself embracing his sleazy stride and the haunted fugitive he will inevitably become.
Synopsis: Now doing business as Saul Goodman, Jimmy unveils an unorthodox strategy for client development that tests Kim's tolerance of his... [More]

Critics Consensus: "Off Brand" adds another well-written, solidly crafted chapter to Better Call Saul's terrific third season -- as well as a reminder that even the show's transitional episodes are compelling.
Synopsis: Jimmy has a new endeavor; Chuck pushes himself to the limit; Nacho finds himself in a power struggle.... [More]

Critics Consensus: Better Call Saul gifts viewers with a welcome hunk of Hank Schrader in an otherwise ominous chapter that illustrates how the forces of darkness are enclosing around Jimmy and Kim like ants on an ice cream.
Synopsis: Jimmy's business enters uncharted territory; Kim's confidence is tested when she's faced with a legal problem only she can solve;... [More]

Critics Consensus: "Sunk Costs" edges Better Call Saul toward a narrative crossroads, foreshadowing events familiar to Breaking Bad fans while serving up gripping drama in its own right.
Synopsis: Jimmy decides to represent a new client to Kim's dismay; Mike meets a formidable ally who gives a tempting offer.... [More]

Critics Consensus: "50% Off" is no bargain chapter, settling the season into Better Call Saul's familiar pace while taking big strides in coalescing the series' parallel worlds.
Synopsis: Jimmy's promotional stunt has unintended consequences; Nacho takes extreme measures to earn Lalo's trust; Saul is a success at the... [More]

Critics Consensus: Ugly feelings loom large in "Talk," an installment that manages to lay foundations for future episodes without losing its dramatic own hold.
Synopsis: A restless Jimmy embarks on a new endeavor while Mike burns bridges; Kim pursues her bliss; Nacho tries to survive... [More]

Critics Consensus: "Slip" continues Better Call Saul's character evolution with another gripping episode taking the series' story in unpredictable yet satisfying new directions.
Synopsis: Jimmy is pushed to desperate measures; Nacho picks up a skill; Mike explores an alliance; Kim stands up to Hamlin.... [More]

Critics Consensus: "Fall" brings weeks' worth of tension to a head with a pivotal episode that powerfully sets up the season finale while hinting at the series' future direction.
Synopsis: Jimmy visits a friend and takes up an old pastime; Chuck and Hamlin argue over the future of the firm;... [More]

Critics Consensus: "Something Stupid" sees director Deborah Chow delivering an episode that's visually striking even by Saul's high standards.
Synopsis: Jimmy expands his business, but runs into a problem that only Kim can solve; Gus intervenes in Hector's medical care;... [More]

Critics Consensus: An arresting showcase for Rhea Seahorn, the penultimate installment of Better Call Saul wistfully surveys what came before while teeing up this saga's conclusion with agonizing tension.
Synopsis: The stakes are raised when a discovery is made.... [More]

Critics Consensus: Though more of an expositional creep than previous episodes, "Piñata" maintains the season's emotionally charged character growth and provides a powerful, mildly petrifying performance from Giancarlo Esposito.
Synopsis: While Jimmy daydreams about reconstituting Wexler-McGill, Kim sets out to secure her own future; Mike puts a plan into motion... [More]

Critics Consensus:
Synopsis: Nacho takes flight in the wake of the deadly attack on Lalo's compound; Jimmy and Kim's bond grows stronger as... [More]

Critics Consensus:
Synopsis: Gus attempts to smooth things over with the cartel while Mike ties up loose ends north of the border.... [More]

Critics Consensus:
Synopsis: Emboldened by recent successes, partners throw caution to the wind and escalate their enterprise to new levels.... [More]

Critics Consensus:
Synopsis: A last-minute snag threatens to derail Jimmy and Kim's meticulously laid plans; Mike and Gus prepare for a confrontation; Howard's... [More]

Critics Consensus:
Synopsis: Despite assurances from the cartel, Gus takes extreme measures to protect himself against looming threats; Kim and Jimmy enlist the... [More]

Critics Consensus:
Synopsis: Jimmy and Kim find a new way to make use of old adversaries; harsh realities dawn on Nacho in his... [More]

Critics Consensus:
Synopsis: Jimmy brings in reinforcements as business booms; Howard doesn't pull any punches when it's time to put an end to... [More]

Critics Consensus:
Synopsis: Kim and Jimmy enlist a knowledgeable contact; Howard scrutinizes Jimmy's business practices; Mike refuses to compromise as tensions mount within... [More]

Critics Consensus:
Synopsis: Still on the run, Nacho is forced to choose where his loyalties lie; Jimmy must decide whether he wants to... [More]

Critics Consensus: "RICO" introduces an intriguing fraud case while providing insightful backstory to Jimmy's unlikely beginnings as a lawyer.
Synopsis: Jimmy shows Chuck that he is willing to do anything to win a case, including getting his hands dirty.... [More]
Directed By: Colin Bucksey

Critics Consensus: "Hero" marks the essential early evolution of Saul's conning skills, beginning his amusing transformation into the well-known Breaking Bad personality.
Synopsis: Jimmy devises a bold plan to obtain new clients, but must face consequences when his relationships become strained.... [More]
Directed By: Colin Bucksey

Critics Consensus: With "Alpine Shepherd Boy," Better Call Saul continues to forge its own identity, while establishing its characters and their journeys in surprising ways.
Synopsis: Alarming news disrupts Jimmy's efforts at drumming up new business, forcing him to make a difficult choice.... [More]
Directed By: Nicole Kassell

Critics Consensus: "Switch" succeeds in taking its sweet time while laying nuanced groundwork for for the anticipated transition from Jimmy into Saul.
Synopsis: Jimmy and Kim's relationship takes a turn; Mike feels it is best to sever his affiliation with an unrestrained associate.... [More]

Critics Consensus: Better Call Saul's exceptional ensemble continues its excellent character work in "Breathe."
Synopsis: Jimmy seeks new employment; Gus navigates the fallout from Hector's collapse; Kim endeavors to support Jimmy in the wake of... [More]

Critics Consensus: An award-worthy lead performance among a torrent of quality drama and sharp dialogue add up to a winning showcase for Better Call Saul's continued evolution.
Synopsis: Jimmy tries to settle debts; Nacho reunites with an acquaintance; Mike helps Stacey with a project and makes a connection.... [More]

Critics Consensus: The effectively subtle and refined "Rebecca" sheds light on the McGill brothers' relationship while focusing on the ways Kim is affected by the fallout from Jimmy's mistakes.
Synopsis: Jimmy chafes under his restrictive work environment; Kim goes to extremes to dig herself from a bottomless hole at HHM.... [More]

Critics Consensus: A more low-key episode than the heart-wrenching one that came before, "Bingo" feels like a turning point in Jimmy's ongoing quest to be a better person.
Synopsis: Jimmy meets with potential new clients; after being given the opportunity to do the right thing, Jimmy cashes in a... [More]
Directed By: Larysa Kondracki

Critics Consensus: Everyone is struggling to keep their cool in a Better Call Saul entry that meticulously sets up the season's storytelling pins, racking up suspense for the impending bowling ball that'll knock everything down.
Synopsis: As Jimmy doubles down on Saul Goodman; a deeply conflicted Kim brings him an interesting proposition; Gus makes a sacrifice... [More]

Critics Consensus: "Lantern" brings Better Call Saul's third season to a close with a gripping cliffhanger supported by solid dramatic underpinnings.
Synopsis: Kim takes time off; Jimmy tries to make amends; Nacho gambles with his future; Hamlin pushes Chuck to make a... [More]

Critics Consensus: Better Call Saul remains as masterfully in control as Jimmy McGill keeps insisting he is in this final season, where years of simmering storytelling come to a scintillating boil.
Synopsis: A lost dog leads to a new friend; a new player gets in the game.... [More]

Critics Consensus: The investment into Better Call Saul's first season pays off with a finale that is at once comic and tragic, as Jimmy's conversion to Saul nears completion.
Synopsis: Jimmy seizes an opportunity to reconnect with an old friend in the aftermath; Chuck adjusts to a new way of... [More]
Directed By: Peter Gould

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