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24 Worst-Reviewed Comic Book Movies

by | May 31, 2016 | Comments

There has yet to be a Fresh-rated entry in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie franchise (whose latest installment, Out of the Shadows, is out Friday), not that it matters much considering how deep “Ninja Rap” runs in our nostalgia veins. The Turtles, in fact, are in fine company as comic adaptations have walked a long, ignominious road in Hollywood, inspiring this week’s gallery: the 24 worst-reviewed comic book movies by Tomatometer!

  • Cody Travers

    Elektra and Batman and Robin are not that bad. In fact once I saw it for the first time in theater when I was young I really loved.

    • Jjajangmyeon Kimbap

      No, Batman and Robin is that bad.

      • T-BAG

        so is Elektra lol

        • Jjajangmyeon Kimbap

          I haven’t seen it…but…I’ll take your word for it.

    • Doodlee Pigvirus

      Batman and Robin was hella fun if you enjoy B movie camp, which i really do.

    • 1992 – 2012

      “…when I was young…”

      Perspectives. Many movies and television shows we saw when we were young sucked even then. We just didn’t know it, because we were young. But we are grown now. No excuse to be jaded.

  • Strider

    It’s funny, I thought I Frankenstein was pretty bad when I saw it, but compared to the rest of this list it is like Shakespeare.

    • Christopher Burke

      Which Frankenstein, there’s been loads, I’ve seen about 4 different versions myself.


      • SnidgetAsphodel

        He said which Frankenstein. I, Frankenstein (he simply forgot the comma).

        • Christopher Burke

          oops, he did as well, I misread it. My bad!


  • John Stovall

    I dunno some of these were actually more entertaining than ones folks claim are better. I’d be more interested in the audience reviews actually

  • Jjajangmyeon Kimbap

    Judge Dredd does not belong on this list. It (like Demolition Man) is a classic. It’s silly, goofy fun. Fantastic popcorn film, up there with Die Hard. I mean it was more entertaining than that God awful Bane Batman movie – that was an overstuffed meandering stiiiin-KER! The rest are pretty much garbage though, not even worth a hungover Sunday, except maybe virus if it’s on cable or netflix.
    Spawn – Jesus Christ was that a piece of shit.

    • Jeff Taylor

      Oh it absolutely does belong on this list. Stallone’s Dredd was forgettable overblown crap (and, yes, I do kind of like Demolition Man). Nothing ‘fun’ in it at all. I’d never even heard of the comic book before the movie but it sure as hell didn’t make me want to go read it!

      • Jjajangmyeon Kimbap

        LOL – well your a moron with no sense of fun; I’m a guessing a millennial and someone who’s idea of comedy is Portlandia in which case (you’re a humorless dick) and you sound like someone who thinks Watchmen and 300 were great comic book films. Judge Dredd had decent special effects, a coherent plot, fun campy dialogue and if you took it seriously you’re fucking retarded. Simple as that. Judge Dredd was big goofy fun.

        • Duuuuuuude

          Also Portlandia is hilarious and if you don’t like it…there’s nothing wrong with you. Because it’s YOUR opinion.

  • Dan Creagan

    Definitely more interested in audience reviews on lists like this. Several were fine for me. I know everyone to his own tastes but I didn’t mind Spawn, Red Sonja (ok… maybe it sucked), Catwoman (I am probably the only one who thought it was good), Tales from the Crypt, R.I.P.D. and Electra.

    • Doodlee Pigvirus

      i enjoyed Elektra and Red Sonja…not masterpieces, but entertaining.

  • zaz_cag

    Spawn was probably the best movie I saw on this list.

    • Ryo Shenmue

      Spawn was garbage, Todd McFarlane is still embarrassed by it. Watch Spawn the HBO’s animated series. That’s the TRUE Spawn.

      • smedrano0206

        The animated series is probably the best animated comic book adaptation I’ve seen.

  • sunnavab

    Dredd shouldn’t be on this list. It’s not high art, but it’s definitely not bad…hell, I just watched it last night!

    • John Fig

      dredd isn’t on the list

      Judge Dredd is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43-BefmjMFg

      • sunnavab

        See above reply.

    • 1992 – 2012

      Wrong movie.

      • sunnavab

        Wasn’t talking about Urban’s Dredd. Was using shorthand. Context, people. Context.

        • 1992 – 2012

          Keith Urban wasn’t in Dredd.

          • sunnavab

            You here all week? Cause you’re a funny guy.

          • 1992 – 2012

            Funny how? Funny like a clown? I amuse you? How am I funny? How the f— am I funny?!

          • Grokenstein

            Funny like a drunk faceplanting on the rails at a train station.

          • CR

            You’re the most infuriating kind of troll out there.

          • 1992 – 2012

            Out where?

          • Martin Kennedy

            Just to clear up any confusion, there are 2 judge dredd movies. the recent one – Dredd – starring Karl Urban, which is not bad, and the 90’s one _Judge Dredd – starring Stallone, which is a horrific abortion.

            if you are saying the 90’s one was not bad, there is no hope for humanity

          • 1992 – 2012

            You have cleared nothing up. And I’m sorry for your loss. Kennedy’s time in the White House was too short. Though, Martin Sheen played Kennedy. Are you a hybrid Martin Kennedy?

  • Ryo Shenmue

    Dragon Ball is not a comic book and TMNT 3 is actually a fun movie. FAR from the legendary first film and much more childish but still fun and with an interesting setting.

    • Billy Thiex

      well Dragon ball is initially a Manga which is a comic book, and agreed that tmnt 3 is a fun one that doesn’t really deserve to be on this list

  • RoboDouche

    There’s actually some fun movies in there. And speaking of not fun where’s Batman v Superman?

    • 1992 – 2012

      You mean the movie that received a 66% audience score? It doesn’t easily fall into a list of the worst ever.

      • Austin

        Yes that one

      • RoboDouche

        I’d trust the critical analysis of that movie. But any movie that gets thousands of user reviews all rating it 9 and 10 all from user accounts that have never reviewed another film before the actual release of the film means the audience score means nothing now. I’m not saying BvS is the only film this has happened to but it’s the first one Ive noticed. And we all know this film had a world wide opening so these reviews were obviously fake. RT, IMBD and the other big sites are aware of this but cant really do anything about it. But just personally the fact that WB front loaded their movie, had a critics embargo until the release date and obviously had “some” hand in these fake user reviews shows you what they really thought of their product.

        So yes I think it does deserve to be here. I think as the film gets older we are going to hear all sorts of crazy stories about how the production fell apart and who’s to blame etc. Who know’s we may even get a documentary.

        • 1992 – 2012

          “I’d trust the critical analysis of that movie.”

          So the professional critics represent you best? What are your thoughts on Superman Returns?…

          76% – Critic
          61% – Audience

          61% as compared to MoS (75%) and BvS (66%), by the way.

          How about Noah?

          76% – Critic
          41% – Audience

          The reason why you should appreciate the audience score is that they are your kind of person. It is they who gravitate towards the films you like, whereas critics pop a score into movies they don’t even naturally like.

          “…obviously had “some” hand in these fake user reviews…”

          Good god. Hey that smoke detector light in your ceiling is the CIA monitoring you.

          • RoboDouche

            Well if you’d like to explain the thousands of user reviews (all glowingly positive) before the films release I’m all ears. Until then I’ll keep my tin foil helmet on.

            My point is in this case the user reviews are rigged but as usual people believe what they want to believe. Or you could actually check yourself instead of arguing with no knowledge of how this actually happened.

            I dont really care if WB made a bad movie I wont pay to see another but what bothers me is the attack on the “integrity” of the online reviews system itself.

          • 1992 – 2012

            Oh…you’re one of those. Movies you like have an authentic score. Movies you hate are obviously manipulated. You don’t need everyone to hate a cartoon character based movie with you to validate your opinion.

            Perspectives do matter though. “Fans” whined and whined about Man of Steel as if the entire world agreed and now they are doing the same about BvS (while adjusting to a more agreeable position with MoS) with the critics on their side.

            It’s just a comic book movie…and it ain’t Elektra.

          • Derick Tucker

            obviously had “some” hand in these fake user reviews…”

            Good god. Hey that smoke detector light in your ceiling is the CIA monitoring you.

            Dude this is common practice. Did you forget the YouTube reset? All the statistics were faked by the artists and labels. People shouldn’t just believe what they see for the sake of believing. These accusations have merit. A pos gets high ratings, those reviews were faked or purchased. It happens in video games, and pc hardware reviews. It is called marketing.

          • 1992 – 2012

            Yeah….a 91% for Captain America: Civil War is authentic….but BvS’ 66% is just fake. Give it a rest. Does a measly 66% threaten your opinion of the movie? Really?

          • Derick Tucker

            I never said threatened. You did. More like I dont believe everything i hear or see. You sir are gullible. Marvel studios having higher ratings than DC? Is that something new? Like you said sir. Give it a rest. I am no fan of the civil war movie either. It shits on everything we know of Captain America. Some of us wasted time reading comics as kids and are fans enough to know when someone is shitting on a franchise. DC can’t make a movie to save their skin. Sadly I am still a fan of both all of my life. Fans like us know when movies are shit. Us and our children are the ones going to see it. I’m pretty sure we can recognise bullshit when we read it on a shit movie the “fans” didn’t even like. I was simply saying it is obvious and only a matter of common sense. Both and all ratings are a marketing strategy. Some legit, others not. If they don’t get the ticket sales out the gate create hype. It is simply a sales tactic. FREE advertising. Have you any idea how much advertising costs? This reaches more people than TV ads. Everyone has a smartphone, or computer these days. Who wouldn’t use such a tactic? Free advertising and upping ticket sales.

          • Howell6701

            I trust that by saying “DC” you’re saying the new DCEU starting with Man of Steel? Surely you can’t be including the Dark Knight Trilogy into your “DC can’t make a movie to save its skin” comment especially in comparison to Marvel…

          • Derick Tucker

            Yes sir you are correct. The Dark Knight may never be passed by anything in my eyes. It was a masterpiece. Christopher Nolan deserves the credit though in my opinion, although yours may differ.

          • Bob Loblaw

            I hate to burst your bubble, but user reviews are completely meaningless. Not just for movies either. I work for a PR firm, and we have a small team of people who flood websites with fake user reviews just to make a product not only seem good, but also seem desired. If WB or Disney paid us enough, we could flood the user ratings with 15,000 posts easily. And we are a small-ish firm. I doubt WB or Disney would come to us, as they have LARGE firms who already do this for them. Some clients even come to us to make it look like users hate a certain product. Not saying that we ever took in those clients, that’d be illegal, but there are some major corporations who are willing to cross that line to make it seem like their competition is far inferior.

            90% of everything on the internet exists to make you buy something. Even the users in talkbacks & forums.

            Fun off topic fact, every studio in Hollywood uses data bought from Facebook to determine what films to greenlight.

          • BreannaFox89

            I completely agree. Fan boys and pre-teens know what they like, but they don’t have the capacity look at a film as a piece of art.

          • 1992 – 2012

            Sure…the Mona Lisa, a piece from Mozart, and live-action cartoon movies.

          • 1992 – 2012

            So….you are actually arguing that a PR firm would take the time to inflate an audience score to a whopping 60%….and not towards a 90%? In other words…a company like WB would pay good money to a PR firm to do a bad job? Or are you trying to state that Disney paid a PR firm to lower the audience score?

            If you are going to “burst a bubble” at least make a good argument. Following your argument to its finale would see BvS at a 90% if WB hired a PR firm and a 30% (matching the critics) if Disney hired a firm.

    • Rick Hunter

      Yeah, whatever dude. Better than Civil War…

  • Skaught

    Spawn should have got 0% — a thoroughly unpleasant movie.

    • Jjajangmyeon Kimbap

      You’re being way to kind. It was a piece of shit. I was a fan of the comic and I remember when it came out, I wasn’t dumb enough to exepect them to do it justice but that thing was downright insulting.

    • Joe Eoj

      Soundtrack had it’s moments. Also the “Fudge packing midget” line wasn’t so bad.

    • The opening assassination was pretty cool. Went downhill fast and I think it has the worst ending ever – in terms of writing and effects.

  • Austin

    Where the hell is Steel and Tank Girl

    • Lochkray

      Steel is in the third row, fourth column. Tank Girl must have escaped on the back of a mutant kangaroo.

  • Lochkray

    I thought that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 was actually better than the second one. I also remember kinda liking Bordello of Blood. Otherwise, yeah…there’s a lot of awful movies on that list.

  • RoboDouche

    Red Sonja. Such a terrible movie but damn Brigitte Nielsen was so hot.

  • Hank

    I don’t think Supergirl is that bad. Maybe it’s hindsight. Also, Red Sonja was never going to be high art. It’s a cheesy Arnold romp. A lot of those other movies are big, pretentious failures like Fantastic Four, Batman and Robin and Electra.

  • Fred_Wildebeest

    Howard the Duck had some great stop motion work from the legendary Phil Tippett . Apart from that it sucked balls . Watching Lea Thompson getting wet for a midget in a duck costume turned me off dwarf porn for years !!

  • CnT Cabinets

    TDKR, MoS, and BvS need to be added to this list.

    • Jjajangmyeon Kimbap

      What’s MoS? I haven’t seen BvS (but I’m guessing you’re right though Watchmen should be here) TDKR?! Oh HELLS YES – that overstuffed over rated piece of garbage with Gay Bane voiced by Sathington Gigglesworth III – that movie SUUUUCKED. The first one was OK but a little boring on subsequent viewings and the second one – was slightly better than the third (only and ONLY because of Ledger’s Joker)

  • Rorschach

    I want the name of all movies, please!!!

  • Joe Eoj

    After seeing the still above of catwoman I just might have to watch the movie.

    • Jeff Taylor

      Pretty much the only reason to watch it too – just keep the sound off and your finger on the fast forward button!

  • Jeff Taylor

    I despair of ever getting a decent Fantastic Four movie. It was my favorite comic as a kid (I had an unbroken run of over 150 issues at one time not including other bits and pieces of the original series and numerous annuals, crossovers and spin off books) and it frustrates me that no one seems to be able to get a proper handle on the FF or their rogue’s gallery of villains (many of whom are among the best villains Marvel has). Watching the franchise be pissed away with crap movie after crap movie is kind of hard to stomach.


    X-Men Origins: Woverine and X3 aren’t on here? Whats up with that?

  • Daniel Cloud

    Dragonball deserves a -9000%.

  • FantasticMaxNigga

    I actually thought Spawn was really decent.. Must not be a lot of 80’s babies in the Comment thread

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