Trailer News: "Weeks," "Almighty" & "Ocean"

by | March 28, 2007 | Comments

A bunch of somewhat interesting trailer news has come down the pike just recently, particularly if you’re looking forward to movies called "28 Weeks Later," "Evan Almighty," and "Ocean’s 13."

Regarding Universal’s "Evan Almighty," which stars Steve Carell, you can see the brand-new trailer on March 29th if you happen to be watching NBC’s "The Office." (As if we needed one extra reason to watch that show.)

As far as the all-star "Ocean’s 13" is concerned, the fresh trailer will hit the internet on the same day: March 29th. (In the meantime, Slashfilm has some new pics.)

For those who might want to see a trailer right now, try clicking here to enjoy the brand-new trailer for Fox Atomic’s "28 Weeks Later," which looks pretty solid if you’re asking me.

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