Seth MacFarlane Wants Family Guy Movie Musical

Evil closet monkey to have showstopping number.

by | August 22, 2007 | Comments

Seth MacFarlane recently stated he wants to make a
Family Guy

feature film, but now we have even more. MacFarlane’s told us what genre he
wants the Family Guy movie to occupy.

"I would like to do a Family Guy movie at some
point, MacFarlane said, "I’d like it to be a musical."

Does that mean MacFarlane writes music? "I do. I play the
piano. I can’t orchestrate but we have two wonderful composers, one of whom used
to orchestrate for Doc Severinsen’s orchestra on the Carson show."

The only hold-up to a Family Guy movie is the
Family Guy
show. "It’d be great if we could do it within the next few years.
The challenge is finding the time to do it while we’re doing a TV series because
you don’t want the TV series to suffer."

The Simpsons

finally did their movie while the show is still running, but MacFarlane sees
another TV model worth following. "Star
Trek: The Next Generation
did it perfectly. They did seven seasons, then
they did four movies."

Family Guy begins its sixth season (which will also contain its 100th
episode) on September 23.