RT Exclusive: The Locations of National Treasure 2 Featurette!

Nicolas Cage goes global.

by | December 10, 2007 | Comments

Nicolas Cage returns for

National Treasure: Book of Secrets
as Ben Gates, and this time the
treasure seeker/mystery unraveller is taking his work overseas. The Eiffel
Tower, Buckingham Palace, the other Statue of Liberty — there’s no shortage of international locales in the upcoming action/adventure and Rotten Tomatoes
is hosting an

exclusive featurette
showing off each of them! Who’s ready for a Eurotrip?

It’s Xtreme World History 1A as Gates and his merry
sidekicks (Diane
, Jon
, and
Justin Bartha
) jet around the world after a recovered page from John Wilkes
Booth’s diary pegs Gates’s ancestor as a co-conspirator in
Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. In the
featurette, cast and crew (including Cage, director
Jon Turteltaub,
and producer
) comment on shooting internationally, accompanied with shots of
Paris and a car chase in London. The video also shows us some sweeping angles of
Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota and our nation’s capital once the plot of Book
of Secrets
‘ leads the action back to the backwater burgs of America.

Click for the featurette!

Click here
for the exclusive featurette. The mysteries of

National Treasure: Book of Secrets
will be unveiled on December 21,