Rodriguez Sets the Record Straight on Sin City 2

by | June 1, 2005 | Comments‘s Fred Topel helps to shoot down at least one erroneous internet rumor: Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez has been contracted to deliver a single "Sin City" sequel, and not two. An interview with the multi-tasking movie machine also indicates that the sequel will focus on Frank Miller‘s "A Dame to Kill For" story, in addition to a few others (as yet unannounced.)

As far as who might or might not be returning for "Sin City 2," the director had this to say: "Yeah, that’s what’s cool is about “Dame to Kill For” is a lot of the characters that are dead in this movie are alive in that one because it takes place before, so Mickey Rourke’s in there. That book is kind of cool because it takes place before." Expect more news on "Sin City 2" as it becomes known!