Ridley Scott Jumps In to "Shadow Divers"

by | June 22, 2005 | Comments

The always-busy Ridley Scott ("Kingdom of Heaven") has signed on to bring Robert Kurson’s novel "Shadow Divers" to the big screen, says Variety. Mr. Scott took an immediate liking to the screenplay adaptation that William Broyles ("Cast Away") put together, which means that the director should be taking this "Dive" some time (relatively) soon.

The plot of Mr. Kurson’s book "follows two wreck divers who in 1991 discovered the hull of a German U-boat in waters off New Jersey. The divers spent seven years searching for the truth behind the ship and men who died inside it." Fox doesn’t expect "Shadow Divers" to hit production any time soon, but they’re probably pretty happy to get Mr. Scott’s signature on the dotted line.