"Protoform" Transformers Toys

by | October 24, 2006 | Comments

Time for our weekly piece of "Transformers" schpiel: New "protoform" figures have hit the ‘net, and they’ll allow you to see what the creatures look like in one form or another. Well, they’re big … and pretty tough-lookin’.

I’ll let JoBlo try and sort it out: "

Darkangel21 recently pointed us to the below pics of toys modeled after the upcoming Michael Bay-directed TRANSFORMERS. Shown are the "protoform" versions of Optimus Prime and Starscream which, as I understand it, are early versions of the Transformers as they appear on their home planet of Cybertron before they become the vehicle-equipped Autobots of Earth. I’m sketchy on the details but these "protoforms" seem to provide the basic framework for the "present-day" Autobots."

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