New Line to Adapt DC's "Ex Machina"

by | July 14, 2005 | Comments

Acclaimed graphic novel "Ex Machina," the brainchild of artist/authors Tony Harris & Brian Vaughan, will be making the leap to the silver screen courtesy of New Line Cinema, says The Hollywood Reporter. The rather unique comic book takes a decidedly different look at superheroism: the political side.

The saga "tackles the question of what happens when a man who has superpowers realizes he can be of better service to humanity by becoming a politician — in this case, the mayor of New York. The comic explores such hot-button issues as Sept. 11 and gay marriage, the shades of gray in political realities and the idea that there is no room for heroes in politics."

New Line will work with producers J.C. Spink ("Red-Eye") and Chris Bender ("Final Destination") in bringing the whole crazy story to cinematic life.