Lauren Graham Discusses Evan the "Almighty"

by | January 15, 2007 | Comments

The most lavish movies of the summer are usually the big action spectacles, but this year a comedy proves to be the most epic. "Evan Almighty" has Steve Carell‘s character, Evan Baxter, tasked by God (Morgan Freeman) to build an ark and collect two of every animal. Lauren Graham is his love interest, and she was in awe.

"I did "Evan Almighty" which is the hugest movie ever, but no pressure," she joked. "I’ve never been in like a big fancy movie like that like where like my trailer and Morgan Freeman’s trailer were about the same. It was crazy."

"Evan Almighty" will focus on the laughs, but all the animals have to hit their cues and the cameramen have to keep them in the shot. "The incredible technical ability of every single person there," Graham continued. "I mean, we had the best camera people, the best animal trainers. It’s all people who are at the top of their craft and it’s truly humbling and so that is exciting."

Carell himself was hardly the spotlight, unlike some other comedians who always have to be the center of attention. "He’s the best and just a very nice person. I don’t know, I’ve never worked with kooky comedians where you’re like ‘oh, shhh’ but he’s not like that. Wat he likes is the smaller kind of you know subtler way and I don’t think he feels compelled to be ‘on.’"