"Kung Fu" to Kick Butt on the Big Screen

by | May 24, 2006 | Comments

Remember the old "Kung Fu" TV series that starred David Carradine? (It’s one of Tarantino’s favorite series, I can bet you that much.) Well, this news should come as no big surprise: Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures have signed a deal to bring "Kung Fu" to the silver screen. Shocker, right?

From Variety: "Warners-based Legendary Pictures is bringing "Kung Fu" to the bigscreen after acquiring film rights to the 1970s TV skein from series creator Ed Spielman. Legendary has optioned a screenplay from Spielman and Howard Friedlander, also a writer on the original series.

Legendary wouldn’t disclose a specific logline for the bigscreen version of "Kung Fu," but prexyprexy of distribution and marketing Scott Mednick said the film would explore the events on which the TV show was based and the origins of the main characters. David Carradine immortalized the lead role of Kwai Chang Caine, a Shaolin monk who flees China for the American Wild West, where he helps the powerless."