Joshua Jackson Wouldn't Mind Starring in Spider-Man 4

Edwin McCain desperately trying to find a rhyme for "with great power comes great responsibility."

by | March 13, 2008 | Comments

The news might come a decade too late for the teenage girls who swooned over him when Dawson’s Creek was on the air, but Joshua Jackson is totally willing to wear spandex and/or a cape.

Jackson, making the promotional rounds for his latest film, Shutter, told MTV Movies this week that he might have been a cowl’s width away from assuming the role of Gotham’s staunchest defender in Christopher Nolan‘s Batman Begins:

I went and did the screen test. I was one of the last four or five guys [up for the role of Batman.] I don’t like to lose any job, but they cast the right guy. I mean, Christian Bale was excellent. I don’t really think of myself in a sort of comic book hero way, you know what I mean? This might be why I didn’t get that job.

Still, even if he doesn’t think of himself in a sort of comic book hero way, Jackson isn’t necessarily ruling out sort of comic book hero roles — he went on to tell MTV that the superhero he thinks he’d be the most natural fit for “is Spider-Man, but that one is pretty well locked up.” Continuing by saying “I’m too old to play that character,” Jackson was nonetheless quick to leave himself open for some web-slinging when his interviewer pointed out that Spider-Man 4 is on its way — and that Tobey Maguire has yet to sign on to the sequel:

Well then, yeah. That was really subtle of me putting my name in the hat.

Much as we tend to snicker and think of moon-eyed Edwin McCain ballads when we think of Jackson, he might not be the worst fit for the role — and it would probably keep him from doing American remakes of Thai horror movies for awhile, anyway. What do you say, RT faithful?

Source: MTV Movies