Jackie Chan Gets Bruised Up on "Rush Hour 3" Set

by | December 7, 2006 | Comments

Although action star Jackie Chan was injured on the set of "Rush Hour 3," we’re very happy to report that it was a minor little thing, and certainly nothing that would get in the way of a guy like Jackie Chan!

From The Hollywood Reporter: "Jackie Chan reinjured his chest while filming a fight scene for "Rush Hour 3," but doctors said it wasn’t a major injury, the veteran action star says in an entry on his Web site.

Chan, 52, injured his chest in March when a stuntman wearing the wrong shoes kicked him during the shooting of a scene for his recent action comedy, "Rob-B-Hood."

This time, he was hit by a steel-reinforced wooden table, Chan said in a posting dated Nov. 27.

Chan said he tried to work through the pain, wearing a stunt belt across his upper chest and taking medication, but the movie’s producers eventually sent him to a doctor. An X-ray cleared him of broken bones or organ injury, he said."

Just another day at the office for Jackie Chan…