Harry Potter and the Tokyo Premiere

by | May 24, 2007 | Comments

You’d think that a "Harry Potter" movie would obviously premiere somewhere in London, right? Nope. Tokyo. Just like "Spider-Man 3."

And get this: The world premiere of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" will be open only to Japanese media! Sounds more like a big-time marketing gimmick than an actual world premiere. (Oh yeah, they’re the same thing.) The "Spider-Man 3" premiere made a little more sense because A) the flick was produced by Sony, and B) Spidey is a bit more "universal" a character — but I’m of the silly opinion that Harry Potter movies should probably have their big gala premieres somewhere in the UK. But since I don’t work for WB’s marketing department, who really cares what I think?

According to Reuters, the "SM3" Tokyo event "was seen as a shrewd push into the fast-growing international market that could help boost box-office revenues." Which explains a whole lot.

The Tokyo premiere will take place on June 28th, with the London event occurring on July 3rd. The rest of the world can see the flick when it opens on July 13th.

Source: Reuters