Foxx Explains the "Vice" Differences

by | May 2, 2006 | Comments

Jamie Foxx had a talk with the L.A. Daily News, and he seemed pretty intent on explaining the differences between his all-new "Miami Vice" movie and the ’80s series on which it was based. Apparently they’ve retired the pastel suits and the flamingos.

"It’s drugs and high-end cars, fancy boats, beautiful women," Foxx says.

"But that’s just eye candy. The movie is really about these two guys going further and further down into the hole and how that messes with their lives and their heads. It’s gritty. Michael Mann knows this (stuff). This might be the ultimate undercover cop movie.

Just don’t go expecting any damn flamingos."

"Miami Vice," which stars Foxx and Colin Farrell, opens on July 28th.